CFL CIS Top 10 Player Rankings

Saw this yesterday and meant to post it earlier.

Like i have said on here before, our draft record of the past few years has been terrible.

this years was bad.

barker breaking his leg, was freaky and so i won't hold this against the cats

giguere goes to the states, the cats knew this and we actually did need a receiver, we sign pat woodcock and a bunch of nobodies who will be gone sooner rather than later

lavigne masse - practice roster

giffin - school

we have no draft picks playing for us this year. I find this very unreasonable when we even moved up in the draft cuz of mtl.

Cant blame the TiCats if their top pick brakes a leg!. giguere will eventually end up in hamilton, or they can trade his rites. bauman is as good as fantooz,. and with two top picks nextdraft Oline! 2009 looks like a cup year imho

This whole Canadian draft thing is pretty lame. Here's the top 20 from 2008, not too many actaully made it. Where are these guys??

2008 CFL Canadian Draft
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
First Round

  1. Hamilton, Dylan Barker, S, Saskatchewan;
  2. Calgary (via Edmonton), Dimitri Tsoumpas, OG, Weber State;
  3. Calgary, Jesse Newman, OT, Louisiana-Lafayette;
  4. Saskatchewan (via Toronto), Keith Shologan, DL, Central Florida;
  5. B.C., Justin Sorensen, OT, South Carolina;
  6. Winnipeg, Brendon LaBatte, OL, Regina;
  7. Montreal (via Saskatchewan), Shea Emry, LB, UBC;
  8. Hamilton (via Montreal forfeit), Sam Giguere, WR, Sherbrooke.
    Second Round
  9. B.C. (via Hamilton), Rolly Lumbala, RB, Idaho ;
  10. Saskatchewan (via Edmonton via Toronto via Edmonton), Jonathan St-Pierre, OL, Illinois State;
  11. Edmonton (via Calgary), Greg Wojt, OL, Central Michigan;
  12. Montreal, Andrew Woodruff, OL, Boise State;
  13. Toronto, Mike Bradwell, WR, McMaster;
  14. Saskatchewan (via B.C.), Michael Stadnyk, DL, Montana;
  15. Winnipeg, Aaron Hargreaves, WR, Simon Fraser;
  16. Calgary, (via Edmonton via Saskatchewan), Fernand Kashama, DL, Western Michigan..
    Third Round
  17. Hamilton, Michael Giffin, RB, Queen's;
  18. B.C. (via Edmonton), Justin Shaw, DL, Manitoba;
  19. Edmonton (via Calgary), Tim St-Pierre, LB, Saint Mary's;
  20. B.C. (via Saskatchewan via Montreal), Jason Arakgi, LB, McMaster;

I'm pretty sure the only 3 that aren't on teams now, Giguere is down south, Giffen got sent back to school and Bradwell got sent back to school due to injury.