CFL, CIS, NCAA: NFL Undrafted FA Succeeding Or Final Cut

This one straddles both leagues, so I put it here. The NFL 53-man roster deadline has passed, and the list of final cuts is trickling in now:


Credit to Tecmo for unearthing the above thread thanks again. :thup: Even so the data are coming in faster via I have noticed though the format is not clean like on the NFL site.

If you are like me cheering for the underdog to make it wherever they go amidst this era of unprecedented media hype all to often about the wrong "hot prospects," "hot rookies," and the likes of BRETT FAVRE! and T.O! (i.e. did you hear that Black was one of T.O.'s cousins last night more than once! :x) and too many draft busts, well here you go you might enjoy this post too.

Please add to it for any I missed who were cut in the last ~24 hours or made teams, and for the CIS or NCAA guys if you went to school with any of them, are an alumnus, a local CIS or NCAA regular fan, or know them I hope you get the chance to congratulate them too when we find out for sure.

It's a bit early and the list is not official for some of these names not listed on the above sites (yet?
), so a few names might change if the data come in later tonight to correct the NFL site or if some of these guys are reclaimed well into Monday by other teams for actual roster spots via trades and so forth.

As offseason armchair GM, here is a starting list I have so far including amongst the NCAA undrafted guys I had my eye on back in April.

These guys all have managed either to make teams or be cut right after the last NFL pre-season game, just missing the roster, such that perhaps they are likely to be claimed on another team if not for practise squads.

I'd rather see any of the latter myself just go to the CFL for that matter to get better experience as actual players if they can make that cut if not make a great career out of it instead of waiting around will all the other practise squad guys and hardly ever seeing playing time for their position in the NFL like all too many of them it seems.

Canadian CIS Rookies Or CFL Free Agents

Cut Last Day
OT J. Reinders
RB M. Mallett
WR S. Logan
LB R. Foley
LB Renauld Williams
LB S. Baggs

Made Team As NFL True Rookie Or Playing Rookie?
LB C. Greenwood
DE J. Chick

Undrafted NCAA Free Agents Making Team (From those on my Armchair GM list from April in order I had them ranked by position within all picks too except the DBs)

RB Keiland Williams

WR D. Calhoun
WR Stephen Williams
WR J. Horne
WR Blair White
WR V. Cruz

DB S. Shields
DB Prince Miller
DB Cornelius Brown
DB Quentin Scott
DB D. McCray

LB Harry Coleman

[u]Canadian CIS Rookies Or CFL Free Agents

Cut Last Day[/u]

Add the following with reports about Taylor yesterday but not official until today apparently.

CB Bo Smith
KR Larry Taylor

With Ricky Foley as well today and SJ Green before the season started, it as if the New York Jets are a bad place for CFLers to go eh?

Also three of the DBs I had as undrafted FA's below have been cut too. More later.

will the Als sign Larry Taylor?

will B.C. bring Martell Mallett back?

how about Foley?

You wonder why our CFL guys go through the political crapola that is the No Fun League.
I know the money, but each and every year our guys are used and abused merely training camp fodder.
All of these guys who try out and the rest on the CFL roster are good enough and can smoke the NFL competition, a game which will never take place as they have way too much to lose.
Stay here guys and make a decent living.

it's a dream I suppose.

yes I too dream of being a 3rd string player who knows I'll hardly ever see the field!! :roll:

I'm sure if someone offered you a chance to be a 3rd-string player for any NFL team you'd jump at the chance. Whether you want to admit it or not, the NFL is the big time. How many times have we seen an injury thrust someone into a prominent role and they shine? It happens all the time. Tom Brady and Kurt Warner being the most striking examples.

ya but those guys never came to the CFL. they weren't draft rejects.

Money isn't everything man.

some people don't see $500,000 as the means to go somewhere else.

I’m not saying money. If a guy can crack an NFL roster regardless of their status, that means they may have a chance to play. If they don’t, they go elsewhere. The dream of many is to play in the NFL. If it wasn’t, guys wouldn’t go down there to try. Some are unhappy with being NFL backups, but some hold on to the dream. I don’t fault them at all.

It’s like saying a guy should be happy playing in the KHL because he’s a star, but his dream is to play in the NHL. So he goes to the NHL and plays on the fourth line. What would you rather be if you were a hockey player?

Update 1 With Estimated Depth At Position

Congratulations to Cory Greenwood, the only ex-CIS or ex-CFL player of whom I am aware to make an NFL roster the best I can tell with his name not on the latest report from the Chiefs:

[url=] ... to-53.html[/url]

Greenwood appears 6th on the depth chart at ILB or OLB in the Chiefs' 3-4, with the release of Herron and Walters respectively, and likely will see an awful lot of special teams action when they do dress him:

[url=] ... rt?team=KC[/url]

No small feat already and what a start!

Cut Last Day

OT J. Reinders
RB M. Mallett
WR S. Logan
LB R. Foley
LB Renauld Williams
LB S. Baggs
CB Bo Smith
KR Larry Taylor
RB R. Lumbala
DE J. Chick

Some Undrafted NCAA Free Agents Making A Roster (From those on my Armchair GM list from April in order I had them ranked by position within all picks too except the DBs)

SPEC = Not on depth chart special teamer only

RB3 Keiland Williams

WR-SPEC D. Calhoun
WR4 Stephen Williams
WR6 J. Horne
WR5/6 V. Cruz

CB6/KR3 S. Shields