CFL Circle of Champions/Ring of Honour

I have previously mentioned creating a record of CFL Forum Pool
Champions and therefore I am doing so. Some of you have reminded me to post this and I am finally getting around to it.

This record starts in 2022 when I became involved in the various pools to some extent and for which I have accurate records. I intend to maintain this thread over time and add to it when new champions are crowned. The next one will not be until November 2024 for the CFL Pool. I am aware that there have been some on and off pools in the past, particularly for the CFL, but I do not have records for those. If anyone else has accurate records please link me to them and I will gladly add them to this post.

The initial inductees into the Circle of Champions/Ring of Honour are as follows:


2023 Regular Season- Maaax @Maaax

2023 Playoff- Jon @Jon

2022 Regular Season- Aulcee @aulcee

2022 Playoff- Cflukb @Cflukb69

NFL Regular Season

2023-24 USCDave @usc4dav

2022-23 HometownFan @Hometown_Fan

NFL Playoff

2024 Jon

2023 HometownFan

2022 Jon

All of the above possess at least one Amazing Kreskin Award.

NHL Playoff

2024 Abbey @Abendschan

2023 Eskimos4Ever @Eskimos4Ever

2022 Bobo @bobo82

All winners possess the coveted Stan Lee Cup.


2024- USCDave

2023- Jon

2022- Paolo @Paolo_X

All of you have received a green jacket and the Dan Aykroyd Trophy.

Congratulations to all of the initial inductees.

Edit: Abbey has been kind enough to provide a list of past CFL GCC pool winners as per my invitation for anyone to do so. Rather than retyping it I will provide a screenshot of Abbey’s list below. I will add the past champion names to the race for inclusion in the coveted 5 Timer’s Club. Thanks Abbey!

Of course the ultimate prize and measure of excellence is admission into the uber elite 5 Timers Club. So far there are no members but some are getting closer than others. The chase for this coveted status will also be tracked and currently is as follows:

4 Titles


2 Titles


1 Title


Hopefully all of you and many more will continue to compete in all forum pools, or as many as you would like to. I think there is a general consensus that pool participation makes the sport involved much more interesting to follow, even when your favorite is no longer in the hunt.

I think I have it all correct, but as always, if you notice any errors please let me know.

Original post: July 1, 2024


And hopefully a slice of cake. It’s his birthday today! :partying_face:


Jon, I posted an old link which includes past VGCC Champions. I hope you spot it.


A lot of names of who i would class as regulars over the years there since i got into cfl. (Im as old as the redblacks in that regards).

All know way more than i ever will. Long may the predictions continue.