CFL Cheerleaders

Do the CFL cheerleaders ever have contests or compitions or bets against one another or anything like that

Yes, usually at the Grey Cup, during the festivities they have some kind of cheer contest.

Last year the Blue Lightning squad from Winnipeg won the whole thing !

mmmmmmm....bule lightning....mmmmmmm

speaking of cheerleaders...those Vancouver girls looked good...or they only show the good looking squad....does anyones team do that. Put the better younger hotter looking girls in one group and only show them on live tv? I think Toronto does that.

I Love Montreals team they all look HOT WOW

I for 1 can state that pictures on website are not completely accurate.

I saw in action most of the cheersquad (Mtl, T.O, Winnipeg, Sask, Calgary,) last year during the Grey Cup festivities.

And they all look HOT, ok maybe it was the beer :wink:

Even if MTl is my team, and I love the girls, Winnipeg girls got to me :wink:

The Cats can choose any of their groups...they're all hot. As a group, the best-looking girls we've ever had in Steeltown. (Even the cheerleader coach is hotter than most other team's cheerleaders.)

Hey Big Dave, a few weeks ago the camera got a glimps of your cheerleaders in what looked like a leather out fit.

WOW!!!!! :smiley: :smiley: