CFL chatrooms

Just wondering why there are no CFL chatrooms ?? I realize this forum brings a lot of CFL talk which is great but why isn't it more interactive....or are there chatrooms out there


That's a heck of a good idea, nightcrawler

I second that motion :thup:

I honestly didn't know that chatrooms still existed.

That being said I seem to recall that there was a cfl chat room around 10 years ago.

I can set one up if you guys want to use it…

Let me know

Honestly, I would prefer an upgrade to the forum. It's about three years overdue...

please do set one.up it would be.greatly appreciated


All set up

It's basic for now, I may upgrade if it gets used enough


Thanx very very much...i cant believe no one has requested this before

<<< so signing up as MattsGandpa

I changed the brand of chat to allow for Mods, that last one had no option to give Mod status, this new one does