CFL changing to no stripe balls?

Take a peek at the TSN site now:

I looked closely and I think they are NFL balls :?

Maybe we're gonna go with their "slightly used" ones this year to save a few sheckles....

THOSE ARE NFL!!! footballs..


you can see the NFL logo.

I mean like, ya dont think they would actually change the ball without telling ya???

Stock photos and a webmaster who don’t know squat seems like what happened.

mr caretaker better hire some people who actually have a clue.

No idea what you are talking about when you check the site now (and yes I know the difference in balls of course).

Maybe word got around and the correction was made already? Good eye Earl.

Yup, don't see the balls any more, guess they took the photo off. But when you get down to it, the CFL used to use balls with no stripes at one time way back and the NFL had stripes. So I suppose it's not a big issue, maybe TSN was sort of doing a retro thing, well, with an NFL ball of today idea. :wink:

There are about 6 comments in that section of the article asking about NFL balls being shown. Looks like they got the message and changed the picture.

that they were there in the first place is disgracefull

We've got big (foot)balls
YOU got bigger balls,
but rugby has the biggest

/Metal-headed :rockin: