CFL, CFLPA not even in same ballpark when it comes to CBA negotiations: report

Well, looks like no season...

Game of Chicken. Does the CFL have a better offer on Thursday or will it be a drop dead date?

Much like Fed Government denied the Jays due to 'mericans crossing the border, they'll do the same with the CFL.

And yet highly unlikely they will bail them out.

Not even sure if they were actually obligated to do so.

there will be no bail out.

there will be no 2020 season.

sooner league just comes out and says it, sooner they'll be able to put this mess behind them.

look ahead to next year - cause there is going to be LOTS of planning needed to even get next years season to go.

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And hopefully be some changes at the league level in terms of marketing, business model, and influential owners that are holding the league back.

Reference to the feud between Michael Lysko and the board of governors in 2001.

Guess who's the main influence then and is still present now.

Provided by 3 down Nation.

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Major League Baseball is a totally different situation. They were proposing that the players would cross the boarder multiple time and multiple teams. The CFL proposal would be more similar to the NHL where American players cross the border just once and then quarantine.

But if they can manage this financially is a total different question

We'll see.

Keep the yanks down south until they can get their shit under control.

Every day that passes it becomes clearer we are not having a season.

I don't know, there are a number of players on the Calgary Flames that returned from the US. I think its fine if they quarantine and get tested.

Ambrosie and the league are tone deaf. They clearly did not think this bailout request through, that it would upset people.

The best thing for the league now would be for it fold and reconstitute with new management when this pandemic business is behind us. There are too many people just content to pick up a pay cheque (or 80 percent of a pay cheque in this case).