CFL, CFLPA could lower the number of Canadian starters: sources

I wonder how many of those who dislike the potential ratio drop actually watch USports football ?

Yes, doom and gloom…this is the end of Canadian football, the league, the sport in the country… etc etc then none of that happened.

If people want to watch a league with a bigger Canadian ratio then they should just watch CJFL.

But apparently you can’t even watch that on YouTube if you wanted to.

They could always attend games live, no ?

People seem so passionate about the ratio right now, but I’d be willing to be that the vast majority have never been to a live CJFL or U Sports football game.

“People seem so passionate about the ratio right now, but I’d be willing to be that the vast majority have never been to a live CJFL or U Sports football game.”

How many of said people are in younger demographics?
Most people younger than myself (at 31 ) that i talk to arent very bothered by a potential ratio adjustment.
Id be keen on seeing if and how it varies by age.

[b]2. SOLUTION TO CANADIAN PLAYER QUOTA[/b]: The owners seem convinced that lowering the Canadian quota from 7 starters to maybe 5 or 6 would save them money because it would mean less Canadian starters they would have to shell out the big dollars for.


The salary cap is still going to be dictated by a Football Related Revenues formula. One or two less Canadian starters will only raise the price of a good American starter. It really is remarkable how misguided everyone’s priorities in this offseason have been. A commissioner fixated on doing deals with Germany instead of wrapping up a CBA negotiation. Players more interested in picking fights with each other, rather than with the league governors trying to suppress their wages. And owners more fixated on reducing Canadian content, rather than looking for solutions to better utilize the Canadian content available to sell the game.

The solution: Keep 7 Canadian starters and mandate that one of them be a quarterback, be it first, 2nd or 3rd string. This wouldn’t impact the on-field play much, if at all. Plus, it would open up another spot for an American to start.

I would be happy with this solution, with the added caveat that if the Schooners come abroad the ratio drops to 6.

Naylor suggesting the CFL change the ratio to mean Canadian AND global players.

If Canadian players can’t beat out players from Europe I guess they don’t deserve to be on a CFL teams. Best of both worlds, imo. CFL scouts won’t have to work as hard and CFL teams will still beholden to put the time and energy into developing Canadian players.

Dropping the number of Canadian player from 21 to 15 is definitely not a bright idea and it has definitely no chance to ever being approved and even discussed.

The players from Mexico,France, Germany,etc are Int. players and should be considered as such. I don’t see the problem. If they are not good enough to “beat” a US player,then they should return home.

We won’t reduce number of Canadian players to accommodate Int. players.

I have no problems in reducing the Canadian starters from 7 to 6 or even 5 ,but not reducing the minimum of 21 Canadian players that can dress.


I'm all for lowering the game day ratio from 21 to 15, and the starters from 7 to 6 or 5.
Why do the starters need 14 back-ups ?
Players should earn their roster spots, not just be handed them and ride the pine for 5+ years simply because of their passport IMO.

I agree that Global player should just be considered Internationals, which is what they are. The same "earn your spot" ideal should apply to them as well, but I don't think Ambrosie wants it that way.

What Naylor is suggesting is to keep the number of dressed Canadians at 21, but that there would be the option for up to 6 global players to beat out a Canadian for one of the 21 spots.

I can`t see more than 1 or 2 globals beating out a Canadian for a roster spot.

That's exactly why im for it. It's a "conditional" spot. Nothing guaranteed and in all likelihood, not going to be a major threat to canadian talent unless it's an international who's been shuffling around nfl practise rosters.

Ill go one further, that "globals" should be able to eat up three roster spots on each side. Putting it strictly on canadians doesn't really benefit the players so much as the owners.

Even so, i think "globals" should be counted as "internationals". Theres no need for two different designations that mean the same thing.

I would also like to see one quarterback, whether the backup or third string, be a Canadian or a global player.

I’m starting to think that the Canadian and “World” players are going to be included in one group. (New name needed to replace National). The name International (now US) wouldn’t fit going forward either.
So how about 23 (Canadian Citizens and World players QB’s included) and 23 (Americans). Ratio stays at 7

The US players are happy. ;D
The ratio lovers happy. (we all know the Canadians are better) :wink:
Coaches are happy. Larger roster and depth. :slight_smile:
Randy and the BOG happy. More TV money. 8)
CFLPA Happy. Salary Cap and Minimum takes a jump. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Contest for the fans to decide the new names. Because Randy and the CFLPA won’t know what to heck to call them. :-\

That would be irony. (American players wanting lower CDN ratio only for those spots to be open to global players only)

I wonder if this would be possibly legally. I mean it's one thing to protect nationals but can a league legally limit employees from one foreign country but not others?

Here's what I'd like to see done:

  1. Keep the number of national starters as is until a tenth team is added. Then, decrease that number to six for a period of five years.

  2. Increase the number of national players by two, in order to better prepare for expansion. After a tenth team is added, maybe reduce that number back down by two.

  3. Include QBs in the national ratio.

  4. Mandate that each team have four global players as development invitees for the duration of training camp.

  5. After training camp, allow (but not force) teams to increase their roster by two for global players. And/or allow teams to expand their practice roster by one or two, but only for global players.

  6. Grant national status to international/global players who have played for one team for at least five years, with this status being applicable only if the player stays with that team.

  7. Grant global player status to national or international players who play for at least two seasons in any of the overseas leagues with which the CFL has a relationship.

And I'd like to see the league do whatever it can to increase the number of football programmes in Canada, especially at the USport, CJFL, and CCAA level.

It seems to me that several programmes were added in the 90s and 00s, but not many of late. I know UBCO was interested in joining USports a few years back but was rejected for whatever reason. Maybe Ambrosie can put some pressure on his new friends at USports HQ to get that done.

Global players cannot be group with non-imports because CFL teams would almost always choose the Canadian if their abilities were somewhat equal. There would be no benefit in choosing the global player. While that may be great depending on your perspective, that does not help the league’s goal of tapping into tv or streaming revenues from other nations. Having no chance make a CFL roster in the foreseeable future might mean jeopardizing your only chance of expanding your tv market internationally.

Right now, the Players’ top priority seems to be Health Care. To them, this ratio issue is just a bargaining chip to get higher salaries and benefits. What the players finally agree on in regards to the ratio will likely be more based on what they got in return than anything that the public sees as being logical.

Tend to agree ... folks need to remember it is the CFL Players Association, not the Association of Canadian Football Players ... the CFLPA represents the Internationals as well as the Nationals ... if reducing the ratio is the cost for improving other areas of the CBA by an acceptable degree then that is what will happen.

UQTR tried to launch a program in 2016 but decided against it for multiple reasons.

Mr Ambrosie should be trying to integrate better with the East-West Bowl(hosting the stream on
CFL.CA).The league should promoting the game during the draft on TSN.

He should also work with Canada Football Chat.Lee Barrette is doing great stuff to grow the
game in Canada.

He should also work with Jim Mullin on hosting Krown Countdown U on CFL.CA.

Well said. Couldnt agree more.

I see UQTR cites the start up costs as problematic. That’s where at least some of the millions the CFL raises for amateur football each year should be going toward.

And I like the idea of better integrating the East-West bowl, and USport ball in general. Maybe TSN will get back into the broadcast picture with USport and some synergy could be created.