CFL, CFLPA could lower the number of Canadian starters: sources

Johnny agrees 100%.

If the ratio of the roster itself remains the same, I’m not against this move.

If CFL 2.0 is excuted as planned. Canadians not in the the CFL will have places to play and continue to develop. If expansion to Halifax happens, more spots for Canadians will add spots back so it’s trade off.

Conceptually I understand and support that view … but realistically the CFL draws fans and viewers based on the excitement of the game on the field … there is a counter argument that the International starter(s) replacing the National starters under a reduced ratio would likely be better players … and it would certainly make roster management easier as injuries to national starters cause many difficulties and can weaken the overall performance of the team (i.e., often starting a National backup over a better International player to back-fill the starting National).

No, he tweeted that the rumour that the CFLPA and CFL had reached an agreement is untrue. Dunk’s article never claimed that, only that both the league and the union are considering reducing the number of starters.

It’s alarming that cited anonymous sources who have allegedly provided input for this story can be this uninformed. This negotiation is a delicate process and reporting wrong information can be damaging for everyone involved.

But leaking it COULD be strategic by the CFLPA … or a CFLPA member … to drum up public/media opposition to the very idea (supporters of the idea are less likely to make a big fuss)

No Dunk’s article basically claimed it was agreed upon. Ramsay is stating that nothing has been agreed upon.

What if there are no 10th. team?

Rereading Ramsay’s tweet, he definitely walks a fine line. He didn’t deny there was agreement on any issues. He only said that no “contract language” has been agreed on.

Terrible move should it happen. It is the CANADIAN football league. They already reduced the national starters from 10 to 7. It should not decrease further. If anything, this would hurt future attendance and possibly tv ratings as people will be less invested in a game that was created by Canadians for Canada…but will feature fewer and fewer players.

Thats a bad idea in sooo many ways if you dont get you dont get it.
ex. Wen the NHL has more Europeans than Canadians.
Wen MLB has more foreign players than US players.
If the europen players overrun the NBA & US Plsyers cant get a job in the NBA.
oh & by the way i live in USA. & im agsinst this CFL Move

Altough my friends would laught at this because I’m a kind of free trade policy die hard, but I don’t like the idea of a lower canadian ratio. CFL doesn’t have to be the biggest pro football league of the galaxy. CFL exists to play 3 downs football and give the opportunity to canadians to be play as a professionnal football player. I support Ambrosie’s initiatives to pursue deals with other football league in the world, but not if it means lowering the canadian ratio on field. We surely dont know all details, but this news doesnt sound good to me.

If CFL does that because they fear AAFL/XFL, maybe Ambrosie will nee to see another Jesus putting 250 millions $ to see that those league (at least AAFL) are build with rotten woods.

Don’t touch the ratio, simple as that. Part of the reason I watch the Canadian Football league is because I want Canadian athletes to have a place to play and get paid. If you have an issue with the level of play, then work on improving the CIS.

You want to kill the league? This is one way to do it.

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Don't touch the ratio, simple as that. Part of the reason I watch the Canadian Football league is because I want Canadian athletes to have a place to play and get paid. If you have an issue with the level of play, then work on improving the CIS.

You want to kill the league? This is one way to do it.

If one really wanted to kill the CFL it would be to go all Canadian. Just like the CIS. We would soon see no TV and only a few die hards in attendance. TSN doesn’t show Div I NCAA college ball because they like it better than showing U of T at York. They know only friends, family and sentimental die hards like us will watch the CIS game. That’s not being anti-Canadian that’s just reality.

TSN shows NCAA college football because it’s partially owned by Disney.They are able to use
ESPN programming for free/cheap price points.TSN has been operating with a heavy grudge
against USports since they chose Rogers in 2013 for broadcast rights.This behavior is similar
to how Rogers treated the CFL before purchasing the Argos.The contract has now ended.

The USports product has great potential for growth if Bell is willing to invest in it.

Exactly everyone.

Coach Campbell of the Ottawa RedBlacks telling like it is.
Campbell is a guy who, as the son of legendary coach Hugh Campbell, literally grew up around football and the CFL. So while he’s American by birth, he certainly has an innate understanding of challenges coaches in the league face while also respecting the CFL game and its players.Campbell points out that when Ottawa joined the league in time for the 2014 season, they dilutedthe Canadian talent pool. At the same time, the NFL woke up to the fact that there are quality football players in Canada and started drafting and signing them to contracts.“What’s hard is, especially when we came into the league, it added that many more Canadians needed. And then the NFL is at an all-time high – the NFL has a roster of Canadians – it’s like a whole other team, I call it the tenth team that took Canadians. There’s like 16 or 17 guys that obviously are very good football players. So they keep taking Canadians too,? he said.But even with the Canadian talent level at an all-time high, Campbell says things can get challenging at the end of the year as the injuries pile up.“It’s not the quality, it’s the quantity of people and it can get hard late in the year if Canadians get hurt to replace guys. No one in the CFL including me would – it’s not about trying to diminish the Canadian content – it’s just making sure we’re logical about the spots to fill,? Campell said. “The Canadian talent – best it’s been. And the USports players and coaches that’s the best it’s ever been. It’s just a matter of making sure we have enough of them to go round.?

fixed it for ya

Then why doesn’t Rogers, CBC or even CHCH show USports Football. I’m not an expert on viewership number, but it just might be there would not be enough eye balls watching to get sponsors excited.
I’m not against CIS USports football but we can’t make people watch. The average person seems to believe it’s the equivalent of Div III football in the NCAA. There has been talk of a super or Div I football USports league in Canada. Full scholarships the 9 yards so to speak for programs that are serious lack Laval, Western, UBC etc.
Would that be enough to gain a TV contract and get people excited enough to go to the games? Don’t know. Probably not, it would still be looked on as second best to NCAA Div I.
All comes back to wishing versus reality.

I don’t agree with the reduction of starters unless its a temporary measure like expansion. I don’t mind the reduction for 2-3 years as it will be giving numerous Canadian players opportunities.

I would actually like to see the CFL change its habits of drafting “Canadian” players that have barely been in, to never stepped foot in Canada. Instead giving it to foreign players (US) that have played 5+ years in the CFL and live full time in the country. Or even players that play for the same team for 5+ years (they would lose the status if they went to another team)
You could put limits on how many players would qualify.

It is unfortunate that USports Football doesn’t get televised except for some playoff games.
It is getting better though.
I would not expect a private company to spend too much money on it, but isn’t this the purpose of a Canadian Public Broadcaster, to give amateur or local talent a platform?

Rogers bought the USport rights several years back and didn’t seem to do much with it. Before that, TSN had those rights and the raitings were decent, along the lines of what MLS and NBA games get.

Here’s an article about how the Vanier Cup ratings have dropped. It focuses mainly on the game being separated from Grey Cup, but I think it’s just as telling if not more so that the drop coincided with leaving TSN for Sportsnet.