CFL, CFLPA committed to zero tolerance on racial discrimination

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) and the Canadian Football League Players’ Association (CFLPA) released the following joint statement:

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think they had better define "zero tolerance".

as recent actions sounds like there is "much tolerance".


I'm confused. Zero tolerance means none.

Sorry, saying Zero and not having Zero means you are tolerant to some or all discrimination.

How do you strengthen something with "importance requiring swift action"? It would be preferred you strengthen it with strong policies defining discrimination.

You may also want to look into your abuse policies............Having everyone complete the Sheldon Kennedy Respect in the Workplace course would be a good start.


Saying "ZERO TOLERANCE" means that when the line is crossed the violator will receive some sort of punishment. That it will not be accepted under any excuse or the infraction ignored by authorities when they receive a report. The action taken by the league is governed by the negotiated player association contract.
Last week Marino was accused and the league investigated and obviously determined there was some basis for the complaint.
The action by the league was ....

  • A one-game suspension for verbal comments Marino made about Masoli’s heritage during the game, which clearly violates our Code of Conduct.
    The League IMO, left it as simply "ZERO TOLERANCE" on purpose to ensure all infraction would receive action. I also believe the League carried out their mandate within the limits of the CFLPA agreement.
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Means our rules around this are so poor and weak that despite the stuff that went on last week, the most we could do was a was a weak 1 game suspension. Despite all our advertising and promoting zero tolerance we really don't have much to back it up.


As in many infractions committed by players in the CFL. The punishment doesn't fit the crime, this type of action deserves to at least as strong as any player who uses PED's. Which should be, first time offender 3 ( perhaps 4) game suspension, doubled on second offence and dismissed on third offence.

TSN should suffer the same when they interview some dumb@ss celebrity during the football game.

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