CFL Central

Hello fellow CFL fans.

I'd just like to start off by saying that this is a great forum and I look forward to talking about everything CFL for the upcoming 2005 season.

Like most of you I can't get enough CFL an I thought that although this is an EXCELLENT place to discuss CFL I'd make my own little forum to discuss CFL.

CFL Central is a brand-spanking new forum and I'm currently looking for members, Moderator positions are open at the moment and if you're interested in a Moderator position at CFL Central you can e-mail me at:

I am in no way trying to pull members away from this CFL forum, I promise that I will post on this website on a regular basis and I will encourage all of my members to do so also.

So if you want to come check out the site it would be much appreciated, just remember, there's never too many CFL forums on the internet.


Your friendly neighborhood moderator here.

Visited your site - you will need to remove the CFL logo as this infringes on the copyright of the trademark the League has.


Reer... :twisted:

No....hes giving him helpful advice before someone notices it.

and ill be sure to check it out.


loll.....loll..........good stuff! 8)

Why do you call it CFL central when the forums are equally split between CFL and NFL? Just call it Football Central, would be more accurate.
I don't know why people presume that if you watch the CFL, you watch the NFL too? I don't, I find the NFL boring and I don't give a damn which team wins or loses, but that's me.

I as well ignore the NFL even though I live down here, lost interest years ago as the salaries went up and the quality went down. I prefer to watch TRUE athletes who play because they love the game they're playing.

That reminds me....The N.L.L. Champions Cup will be played this Saturday at 3:30 P.M. on NBC in the states and probably T.S.N. in Canada. Canadian American matchup involving the Toronto Rock and Arizona Sting. Should be an excellent sure to watch.

CFL folks have already noticed it - I am providing the first warning. The CFL logo is only to be used by official sponsors and licensees of the CFL. Using the logo, or distorting it in any way (as CFL Central has by adding the graphics) infringes on the copyright/trademark.

My advice - remove the logo (maybe even take the advice of a fellow poster and call it Football Central).

Either way, you should remove it soon.


i registered on the site. who else has?

Why would we multiply the forums we go to when, really, its always the same fans that visit them anyways.

Oh! Let me guess: it's so we can have more threads about expansion!

Kalhuaz, just a question about the use of logos and names. Where does stand the line betwen what is a fan webpage (or personnal webpage) and an illegal webpage?

I mean, if I start a personnal webpage about, say, the Alouettes, on which I identify myself as a fan and post my thoughts about the team following each game. The Als can't sue me for that or anything because, well, I'm just a fan expressing it's opinion about a professional team.

Just type "Manchester United" or "New York Yankees" or "Green Bay Packers" in Google and see how many personnal pages emerge. Teams don't go after their fans anyway.

So then what if I am a fan of all nine CFL teams? If I create a page like the aforementionned where I give my opinion about all of them, where is the difference?

And then, if I allow my fellow visitors to express their opinion too, this stil doesn't make my page a media nor a corporate site. It's just a fan page. But then, it's no different than the CFL Central, which you say can't use the name nor the logo of the CFL.

Would you care to enlighten me?

Fan pages are great - is a good example.

For clarification, no one can use the logo of the CFL or any of its member clubs without the expressed written consent of the League. If they use the logo, they are in violation of the copyright.

If a fan wants to set up a forum and talk football, no one objects to that, but the use of copyrighted material can get them into hot water.

Hope that clears things up - happy to answer as many questions as I can.

Kahluaz, consider this my apology, I wasn't aware the the CFL would take the use of their logo so seriously. I have removed all the CFL logos from my site and I will be changing the site name to Football Central within the next 2 weeks. Once again sorry for the entire ordeal.

In my opinion , this site is WAY better than..... the 13thman......


You get allot more CFL info here , you don't hate easterners and you don't think that , G. BUSH is...... GOD. :wink: :lol:


Will inform folks that you are removing logos. Not a problem and thanks for your cooperation. Not everyone is familiar with the ins and outs of copyright laws but better to find out now then later.


Besides Jeremy.. think of all the different branches you could go off on with a site like "Football Central" .. or even "Canadian Football Central" as I think you should go.. Not only could you attract fans who want to talk CFL and NFL, but NCAA, CIS.. even high school ball if people were so inclined.

Think of it as expanding your market.

Kahluaz - Since ya seem to be in the know... I would understand that teams (and leagues for that matter) would be very protective in just who they give the rights to their logo and such, but how likely is it that a team or the league would give rights to use of their logo and pictures of the team in action (as I imagine those are copyrighted as well..) to a non-profit fan site if requested? If memory serves, a few years ago a couple of different official web sites from profesional teams of different leagues actually promoted fan sites that did feature team logos and images and had links to them.. so long as that fan site also had a link to the official page featured prominently.

You would have to NOT talk about politics and if you have some crazy posters that may imbar. the CFL they would have no mods to control your content.They would not want any radical opinions connected with the CFL.

Some times people use a products name to get people's attention and then are a front for something else , completely.

First of Companies pay large amounts of money to display this intellectual property. Even if a consumer has no intention to make money using this property it opens legal loop holes which would cost lots of money to take to court. How about if I use your name with out your permission on a web site. How would you feel about that? Secondly the property owner likes to control what how its property is used. Just thought I would let you know.