CFL celebrity look-a-likes

Is it just me or does everyone else think of the Eagles too whenever you see Commissioner Cohon?

it is just you

Winnipeg's coach


Toronto's coach,%20Jim0443.JPG

Herman Munster

what drugs are you on

BC coach

Barbara Bush

I got bored watching the BC/Edmonton game.

so you start a truly boring topic??

wow you are pathetic. you got bored during the Edmonton BC game? you must have been the only one. sheesh

I was exhausted and excited after watching Montreal stuff "Brink" at the goal line two times to win the game.

I started doing the look-a-likes thing when the halftime show at BC Place got started -- boring/didn't do anything for me.

Coach Miller:

Animal from the Muppets


Aaaahhh haaa haaa

EZ, you must be the real-life version of Homer Simpson.... he would be the only one moronic enough to start threads like these.... :roll:

And still waiting for the new season of the XFL to start.

see simpsons episode for refrence. or XFL wiki page.

Nailed it lol

Alouettes coach

One of the characters in Scary Movie 2

Jock Climie


#44 Justin Phillips, DL Calgary Stampeders

The character Milton from the movie Office Space

Ryan Dinwiddie of the Riders,%20Ryan3639.jpg

Flynn Rider from the Disney movie Tangled

Notice the reference to Rider in both cases. Coincidence or not? Notice they both wear green. Hmmmmmm.....