CFL, CDIC team up to re-air classic post-season games

TORONTO — On the heels of the Canadian Football League’s announcement of Grey Cup Unite, and CDIC are expanding the content offering leading into what would have been Grey Cup week with an 8-game lineup of classic post-season contests for fans to watch.

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What is CDIC?

Got to wonder how they pick the games. Four Hamilton, no Winnipeg.

That would be the Canada Deposit Insurance Corp.

Good question, I wonder why those games - particularly high entertainment factor?

yeah. I am pretty sure that WPG has been in at least one high entertainment post season game. Go Figure.

I take it CDIC is the sponsor of this series. Is the platform the league's own streaming site and not on TSN?

Yes, this'll be on the league's video platform and won't require a login or paid access. :slight_smile:

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Cool. Will be nice to see some CFL action. I watched a few games that the LFA FB page hosted, but the more the merrier.

And the fact that they're condensing the action into 40-minute broadcasts shows there's room to improve the flow of the live game. :wink:


These are posted on YouTube, as well. It's a shame that "they" claim copyright, though, which prevents people from uploading the full games to YouTube.

I can't agree with your opinion about the flow of live games. I have lost interest in almost all other spectator sports, but I am now an avid CFL fan, albeit being separated from it by many miles, an international border, a lapsed passport and no money for tickets let alone travel expenses. I have watched many "recaps" and "in fortys" as well as full games on the internet. Even the forty plus minute recaps leave out far too much context for a true understanding of what happened. I'll take the game just the way it is whenever I can.

This site DOES need more western games. I would hope that the last two western finals would be included; not just because Winnipeg won, but because of how close they came to NOT winning.

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I think those 40-minute broadcasts show every play of the game. They just cut out commercial breaks, challenge/replay delays, halftime, etc.

I watch almost every game and enjoy it, but I do think the league should work on its clock rules in order to reduce the dead time between plays.

I also think TSN should use the dead time that does exist between plays for running ads, which would allow them to cut down on the longer designated TV timeouts that encourage fans to switch channels.

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I actually do like those CFL in 40 games (although the "in 40 minutes" is a bit misleading; plenty of 49:47, 49:42, 49:34 etc its true not 50 minutes but pretty close)
CFL has posted a ton of them on their official YouTube channel as well

I agree there is too much dead time in TV broadcasts, but If you count the plays in an "in forty" version and compare the play count in the play by play versions you'll see there's a LOT of plays that get omitted. A lot of plays that don't qualify as a "highlight" are still worth seeing.


And still no Blue Bomber games here!