's top 30 pending free agents

TORONTO — We are quickly closing in on one of the most highly-anticipated dates on the CFL calendar.

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I am hoping Dickenson can resign Judge, Orimolade,Thurman, Lemon, Dennis Muhammud,and get Kurleigh Gittens Jr. put on the Stampeders roster. JA’GARED DAVIS would be great too but I suspect he isn't going very cheap and that means the cap would place him outside where Dickenson could manage.

Fajardo in front of both MBT and Trevor Harris, come one, get real. Lewis #2 to MItchell #1, again come on. Too many question marks yet with Mitchell's arm/shoulder. Don't get me wrong, he is one heck of a QB but Lewis is a bonafide sure thing, no doubt about it.

Calgary is saving cap space with Maier and also have Begelton under contract compared to $300,000 for Lewis and another $450,000 or more for Harris.

Dickensen has said as GM he may go away from Hufnagel's long time policy of not spending big money on players. I would not be surprised if he makes a splash this free agency. I agree with you that the Stamps you mentioned have to be top of list to re-sign. They have to find someone to replace Good-Jones who looks like he's headed south. :sunglasses:

I hope he doesn't stray away from Huf's policy, next man up has always worked and kept us competitive, especially with so many younger/newer players last year. If Dave does go free agency and it doesn't work out, he might not be in the GM spot for too long...

I think the Ticats should get Fajardo. He is a better fit than Bo. Bo is wanting to play closer to home which is in Calgary. This is why he wants to wait until FA instead of signing now with the Ticats. Ticats should also try to get Gittens, Demski, Lewis or Lawler along with up grading defensive line offensive line and Linebackers.

Hamilton should re-sign Steven Dunbar and Tim White imo.