's top 30 pending free agents

TORONTO — We are quickly closing in on one of the most highly-anticipated dates on the CFL calendar.

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At least Hufnagel is doing something about these ridiculous yearly free agencies. He has just signed McEwen to a 2 year contract after getting the same results from Rose and Wiggens. Shows that Calgary is and was always building loyal teammate players.

Huf, is that you?


Most players are signing one year contracts because there will soon be no CBA. without knowing what the salary cap will be, few want to lock in for longer. Will the cap stay the same? Will it go up?

If it goes up, then maybe more will be available for those that sign one year deals. Also some take a one year deal, for now, to free up a bit of money for teammates they want to see come back... usually with the hope/idea that they will get a bit more on the next agreement.

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Busted. :laughing: