's Top 10's of 2008 - What were the best plays?

What were the plays from last season? With so many, there is sure to be a lot of debate. :rockin:

The run by sask's #22 Stu Foord was the best run in that Video even though I think there should of been one of Wes Cates runs in there!!!

Only on the trainwreck that is this site would 2 of the top 10 running plays of the year be passes.

With 5 yard passes and 60 yard runs.......I have no problem including them

I can't wait to see what kick returns they've included in the top 10 passing plays.....

I would say that Weston Dressler's TD catch in the Banjo bowl would be right up there-- IMO, one of the most exciting plays all year.

That'll be under the top 10 hits of the year category.

:lol: :lol: Have I missed something? Where's this video?

I think Artie has a point, it occurred to me as well as I was watching the video.

Yes they are long 'runs' after the catch, but the fact remains that they are passing plays and the stats from those plays are reflected in passing, not rushing, stats.

Thank you.

I mean, it's not like they had to shoehorn these in because there were only 8 running plays this season. Cates had a couple nice ones, Reynolds too, and Cobourne in Montreal had some highlight reel carries.

If these two were so great, put them where they belong - in the top 10 PASSING plays of the year. And if there are too many good passing plays, for chrissake make a top 15....or 20. It's not like the internet is out of space.

Why do I get the feeling that if they were placed as one of the top 10 passing plays, people would be complaining that they were only 5 yard passes?

If these were 40 yard passes to the 1 yard line and the reciever then advanced into the endzone I would agree. The issue here is the run after the pass and not the pass itself.

Now that I look at the video again.....One pass was for 2 years and the other was actually 3 yards behind thr LOS

But they are still passing plays. YAC is a stat relating to passing plays, not rushing plays. If the receivers in question on these 2 plays got credit in the stats for rushing yards I'd agree with their inclusion here; but they don't, those yards are credited to them as receiving yards, however unfair someone may think that to be.....even the QB gets credit in his totals for those yards even though, in these 2 cases, the QB had precious little to do with it.

2 years! man, that ball had some serious air under it... :lol: :lol:

Well if you want to get technical...Its called best RUNNING plays, not Rushing plays....
Exact play but the reciever is behind the QB and its credited as rushing yards

Ro, it's goofy. There's no point trying to defend it.

Im not trying to defend it....I just dont have a problem with it

I stopped watching the top 10 passes when I got to #7 (Milt Stegall) - that's the best you could do for a CFL legend setting a milestone of a record????? That was pretty pathetic. Far and away that should have been the #1 catch of the year, but it's not like your measuring stick really counts for anything anyways - we here in bomberland know that Milt is far and away #1.

I think Sandro’s 50 yard FG in the Grey cup is up there. That was one of the all time clutch kicks in Grey Cup history. It completly crushed the Als.