CFL Care Fare Love - Grey Cups At BMO Field

Yes, it is just that the terms were more common in the eras I mentioned.

put Toronto for 2016 and drop the rest down

OTOH, since BC is the only province to make a completely workable all weather stadium primarily for football, we deserve every 4th cup

I agree and think that is the path in which they are headed. However it is not a perfect science. For years hamilton was unable to host to to stadium conditions. Now Montreal has a huge dilema with the stadium issue. Calgary as well will need to contine to uprade or build new to be on the list at this point.

Why do you think they will sell seats for more money at BMO Field than Rogers Centre?
From what I’ve seen over the past few years, seats are priced similarly regardless of the venue or location.
Is there not a risk of pricing seats out of the market?
People from outside Toronto may balk at paying higher prices for tickets to a GC at BMO as it would make the total cost of the trip too expensive.
Ticket pricing has to be valid for all fans across the country, not just the host city.

I can hear the outcry already that fans will not want Toronto to host any more Grey Cups in such a scenario because they are too expensive versus GCs held in other cities

What, really? I couldn’t disagree with you more about the Grey Cup in Regina. Of course they should have it there as soon as possible to showcase your biggest event of the year in what will be the best CFL stadium in the country. McMahon stadium is a dump, hopefully they build something new soon to get the Grey Cup again, but the economics of it are not good currently.

And like someone else said, Rider Pride wasn’t a nickname, it’s what fans displayed. And the Green Machine wasn’t just a nickname, it was an actual green machine that made a bunch of noise and spouted smoke back in the '70s pre-Gainer. If anything, an old nickname for them back in the 60’s (besides the Riders) was the Roughies.

Also... I think it is almost a foregone conclusion that Ottawa will host in 2017. The 150th anniversary of Canada, Grey Cup in the capital, making it an event of "national pride".

Too many feel good stories/good press to pass up on.

They wont need to sell tickets out of market range for the Grey Cup even though there will be less capacity. Reason being that during the season there are now several levels of premium seating now in the new stadiums. All of those premium level of seats are more expensive then a regular ticket they sell out and people who choose to spend their money on such sections. They do it for the new experience. So the $$$ are made during the season to keep the regular seats within market range during the GC
At RC the Argo’s sell very few of the premium seating available especially hardly any of the suites or club boxes. For the GCs that were at RV all of those suites and other levels of premium seating’s are sold out at the higher prices. that make up for the lack of revenue during the season.

They are really talking as if the GC will be at BMO is 2016. They also appear to be willing to spend whatever it takes to make it happen.

-Naylor is an insider source and the fact they did not officially announce it would lead us to believe that they are not sure it can be done in such a short timetable.

-Already the soccer phase two and the CFL reno’s would have to be done simultaneously. If they did not present the plans of for phase 3 CFl regular season. It would also lead us to believe they are not yet ready.

-Then somehow they will need to have brand new plans on how they will add enough temp seats to get to 40K. with rectracting a few thousand seats for CFL they will need to add more than would be for soccer. This Grey Cup temp seating would have to take place during Argo, TFC, and the other soccer events that they will be sure to have more of.

  • Bell has a big stake in MLS, TFC, and other national or international matches so they do not want to disrupt that.

-Mind as well say what people may be thinking. That at some point for the 2016 season that BMO will be ready for the Argo’s to play their home regular season games at the CFL Phase of 20-25K seating standard seating. The GC, however, still may have to be held at RC for one final time.

Listen to the podcast with Drew Edwards while on Hamiton sports talk radio with Scott Radely. He explains it very well. -Wile agreeing that everyone should get a regular spot in the rotation. For many reason’s though that is not always possible. You can find the podcast link on 3 down Nation under the Scratching Post

-Also how just building a stadium does not automatically entitle you to a GC. That planning for a GC needs to take place from of variety of entities for the logistics of pre game week activities, lodging, etc.

-No fear Hamilton wll begin to get its fair share of GCs but right now they are not fully prepared to put one on Acording to Drew. Calgary and Montreal wll both have to get a stadium situation in place before they can host.

If they don’t get a higher ticket price for a game a BMO then they won’t make anywhere near the amount of money that they made at the Roger Centre. First of all the 40k that was talked about was for an event like the NHL outdoor where they could put temp stands around an NHL rink. Right now they aren’t sure how many temp seats they could put in for a Grey Cup, the football configuration is 25k so that would mean putting in another 15k temp seats. I think someone talked about putting seats up on that walkway in the north side in front of the Food Building but it’s going to be a tight squeeze. The thing about BMO is that it’s an intimate stadium and not much room at all for temp stands.
Even if they figure out a way to put in 40k, the cost to put them in is not cheap and it takes about a week to put it together. Putting in extra seats was never an added cost at th RC. Then there is the high cost of the rental at BMO and paying them unionized city workers to work a big event like a GC.
They can’t expect a payout anywhere near what they got at the RC, the costs to stage a GC at BMO will be a lot higher.

]]]]]veral reasons that go beyond the low attendance.
-The terms of the lease that saw Rogers take its Lions share of concessions and parking etc even if they had a good crowd.

  • as i said they also did not sell barely any suites or other premium suite options.

-With Bell/Kilmer they will sell out all of the premium seating networking through their list of corporate partners and rich friends to purchase.
-Bell's multi media assets in the GTA will place the Argo's back into the the minds of everyone on equal grounds as TFC and Jays.
-The Argo's did generate more corporate sponsor money with each season. Bell will generate much more tapping into all of their corporate partners through other ventures. The covered end zone will likely be prime sponsor space. As it will be covered during soccer matches as well as digital sponsor strips that will run along the stadium levels.

I was just a kid in the 70’s going to games when SR were in town. The Rider fans would show up with signs with GO GREEN MACHINE . It was a nick name, regardless of some piece of sideline junk. Those were the good old days. When Rider fans were not so annoying.

I am not talking about you. I am talking about those who show up at " that dump " as you call it and go out of their way to irritate everyone wearing red.
Also I will stand by my statement . If the rotation is to be FAIR, a new stadium should not come with entitlement.

However, I do enjoy all the different viewpoints.

This :thup:

BMO is good for regular season, but come Grey Cup time, SkyDump is better

Yes, and besides, regardless of the ticket prices, you need as many a****s in the seats as you can at GC. That would be Skydome

It will be fun in 2016 to watch an Argos game with blue shirts in the stands at BMO as opposed to Skydome's blue seats.

If have the fans went to Argos season games as what showed up at the 2012 GC, they most likely would have stayed.

The thoughts were, "our team is in the show in our house , so lets go, just this one time."

The move is for the survival of the team.

I have been saying the same thing about Halifax for more than a decade. Offering Halifax the opportunity to host 2 Grey Cups in 6 years or 3 Grey Cups in 10 years to help governments recover some of their stadium investment would be a small price to pay for a tenth team. It would show league commitment to fans in the region, and it would make government investment in a stadium an easier sell to people who are on the fence about building a stadium.

But a stadium doesn’t guarantee a CFL team!! Ottawa had a 28k stadium sat empty after the 2005 season because they couldn’t find an owner and that was a year after they hosted a Grey Cup. The stadium sat empty for another 6 years until investors decided to renovate and bring in the CFL team.
The most important element is “ownership” not a stadium, and the government shouldn’t be involved in this.
If Halifax wants a team then it should be about an ownership group coming forward because they see a demand for it. The fact that no ownership group has ever expressed interest in Halifax tells you that there is no market for a CFL team there.

Can’t we just stick to the topic - a Grey Cup at BMO - and if it means the survival of the Argos then it should happen.

Half of the stadium was condemned in 2007. If the Gliebermen hadn’t folded the Renegades, who knows what would have happened to that franchise as they would have had no place to play starting in late '07.

No it wasn’t “half” it was only the lower deck of the South Side that was condemned, not the upper deck. The upper deck was left standing for a few years. Temporary seats, similar to what is installed for Grey Cups etc could easily have been put in the lower deck as a temp fix.

After all the crap that Ottawa teams have been though, if they were going to go back, they were going to do it right. Not half ass it with temporary metal belachers under an obsolete upper stand and an opposite grand stand in dire need of a reno.

going back to ottawa in a temporary patch work stadium would’ve been a major failure.