CFL card collectors

Any card collectors on here that want to connect and look at some trading ? I bought a couple of boxes of the new Upperdeck product,, but it looks like the upper numbers will be big gaps forcing buying a lot of product to fill in... which means spending loads of money.

I' :rockin: ve been collecting for some 20+ years,, lets talk trade ! (and I have set up a Facebook group that we can use)

Where do I find the cards? Where do they sell them? Haven't seen them anywhere.

There are a couple of dealers selling them but your best price would seem to be from the CFLPA .........

Here is a link

Let me know if you do buy some and wish to work with me to fll in the gaps in our collections

Hhhmmm, so doesnt seem like anybody out there is really into this.

Lets pose this another way then,, any of you rider fans have some old boxes of cards stashed up in the attack that you would like to part with ? CFL only interest here,, burn the rest