CFL Car Flags & Decals

So, I was in a Canadian Tire in London today, and found the only CFL team they had car decals for was the Roughriders (they do carry other teams, according to their website). Considering there are 3 Ontario teams they could have stocked, they only carried Saskatchewan hats, shirts and car flags.
Very frustrating indeed.
Anyway, I'm wondering who else on these forums show their CFL allegiance on their cars, either by flying a car flag or a fixed decal?
I encourage everyone on these forums to do one or the other, as it's a great way to promote the CFL and show people CFL fans exist. It would be great to one day drive around London and see some other CFL teams represented on the roads.


I'm looking to add a BBM sticker and a Canadian flag sticker as well.
I have car flags for both the argos and Tiger-Cats, too.

I have a Hamilton Tiger-Cats and a Hamilton Bulldogs license plate cover. The Ti-Cat one gets moved to the back when the Bulldogs season ends and moved to the front when the Ti-Cat season ends.

As far as Car Flags, I have two Ti-Cat ones. One Black one with the Logo, one striped one with the head logo. I generally fly one during the season and fly both on Game Day.

This is one timely thread for me as I'm in the process of getting car stickers for the teams I follow and didn't think there were any for the Argos.
I'll have to check the Canadian Tire stores in my area.

Thanks for the heads up!

(I DO use my Argonauts backpack frequently. Does that count?)

Canada post's website might still list CFL merchandise, including stickers, last thing I knew, shipping was free.

Almost any store in Winnipeg. You can get a wide variety of Bomber stuff. You can also get Bomber license plates. You just need to inform your car insurance outlet and they will issue you plates.I think it may be 50 bucks extra ?

I was very impressed with the amount of Bombers and Jets license plates when I was in Winnipeg 2 years ago. Also, the number of car flags and t-shirts I saw on Game day.

get the Rider one at your local Canadian Tire, problem solved. :cowboy:

I'm impressed that you were brave enough to show on this forum that you are a Blue Jays fan.
You know you will get roasted for that here (not by me - I don't care).

Btw, what is BBM?

For anyone looking for decals, I just ordered some from They have all CFL teams except the REDBLACKS, and in a choice of sizes.

BlackBerry Messenger.
I support canadian technology!

...right now there are a ton of Flames flags around do also see many Stampeder and Rider stickers on vehicles here, even some EE ones, it's not rare at all....

i get the Ticats but you can't fly an Arhols flag with it!!!!!!!

Even if I knew where to get car decals I couldn't bring myself to tell you! defacing the beauty that is Ticats with an Arhols. tsk tsk.

the sign of satan should be smashed off your window.... SCREW ROGERS!!!

But where is the leaf sticker. lol

Just order this stuff directly from a company that makes it.

Like these guys, for example...

A Canadian company in Ontario; such a thing that's getting rarer all the time...

I have an Argonaut license plate and a Stampeder sticker from my days in Alberta.

Lookie what I just snagged at Canadian Tire

[url=] ... 2531p.html[/url]

Strangely enough... When I was in Cali Colombia I found a store with Vancouver Grizzly and Hamilton Tiger Cat Caps.. They were total knockoffs, with the tiger are hats being green or

Cool. I saw RedBlacks and Alouettes car air fresheners there yesterday.

I bought an Argos car flag at Dollarama for $3 last year. Some stores still have a few, but these are all leftovers from 2013, so not many left.