CFL Cant Win...

If Ricky Williams looks bad, then the American media will obviously blame his problems and the fact that he isnt focused. It wont be the CFL, the players, the system or the game, it will be all Ricky's fault.

If Ricky Williams does very well the American media will obviously brush it off cause its the CFL and anyone can do well in the CFL.

The CFL Cant win with its image on this one.

As for the publicity? Thats a different story.

Should it really bother anybody that Americans don't like the CFL? I really couldn't give a rat's ass what the American media thinks of the CFL.

I love the CFL game and I am a seasons ticket holder and I wouldn't give it up for anything and I really don't care if any American media or fan doesn't like it.

People shouldn't care what anyone else think.

Sorry but when you are a professional sports league, you DO care what other people think.

But I hought we were so proud of this Canadian game that we don’t give a darn about what the Yanks from the south think?

Problem is, we have a lot of people in Canada that will have the same attitude as the yanks will on this issue.

Baah....who cares. The on field product speaks for itself....

Glovesave speaks the truth, or at least my personal version of it. Thanks!