CFL Cancels Season

I agree Sweet Caroline is grossly over played and not our song. We need something with a rougher edge. "-Cats are Humming "is way too soft and lame as well. How about Crowbar's " Oh What a feeling" ? Hamilton band too.


I can hear it now: "BAH, BAH, DAH, BAH..... BAH, BAH, DAH, BAH!

Or something from the Arkells

Ah, come on. “Sweet Caroline” is easy to sing, everyone knows the words and the tune, most join in, and it’s fun.:grinning:. We don’t want to overthink this.

BTW, I still like “Rock and Roll Part 2” by Gary Glitter as a stadium song.

Unfortunately, that song is forever tainted by that artist's proclivities.
A better version is "Doctorin' the Tardis" By the "Time Lords/KLF".

Yeah, I remember that about Glitter. Still a good chant, but totally appropriate that it is no longer used.

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Or I should at least consider, a clearly uninteresting person on a defined pension.

just wondering...what is your purpose??

cant argue with that :slight_smile:

Just tired of the same big 3 that seem to rule this board with their big juicy political brains. Imagine losing 16% in the ratings due to politicizing football.

Noticing I'm getting deleted in my comments stream. Hope the person before they deleted it agreed with what I said.

question - you havent posted in almost 2 yrs. How can you be tired of anything here??


FTR - Neil Diamond songs should be played everywhere all the time

and you can take that to the bank

and the post office
and the drug store
and the elevator....


I saw a news item reporting that an official from the World Health Organization [WHO] issued a statement indicating the following (paraphrased):
" it may be 2022 before life returns to pre-COVID norms"
Obviously, that has repercussions that far outweigh any impact on Sporting activities, but it may also spell Doom for the 2021 CFL season if it is true.
Not good on so many levels.

Is this the same organization that helped the CCP government cover up the outbreak by misreporting the facts.

Tune in to China Uncensored for the story.

Not to get political but The WHO reports what countries report to it. They don't go to countries and investigate to get their data, nor are they involved (intentionally) in any cover-ups. Garbage in - garbage out, in other words.

But that's the thing. I believe Taiwan was the 1st country that tried to warn the WHO about the possible virus.

The WHO ignored the warning as they are not recognized as a member.

But based on the assessment, it doesn't look good for the CFL.

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Which, unfortunately, was the correct (not right) thing to do. They get their data from member states, so of course they will ignore data from non-member states. The real culprit here is the PRoC. They provided either false or misleading data to the WHO. The WHO has to take the data as being correct. You can't blame the WHO as being complicit in helping China pull a fast one. They followed their mandate. What happened next is the real tragedy.

If their current assessment is correct I agree that things look pretty dim for the CFL.

Well hopefully they (CFL) can find a way to get back on the field.

But still you should check out China Uncensored and America Uncovered on YouTube.

Tell us what you think of the two programs.

Since a large part of the problems in this world today stem from "fake news" I avoid getting my information from sites like YouTube. YouTube is not a credible source for news. It is in business to make money and if it makes more by promoting false news, conspiracy theories, etc. it will. I prefer to get my information from what I consider to be more reliable sources (MSM). It, too, has its challenges but at least I know they are trying to provide accurate information.