CFL Canadian Draft.

Tommrow will be exciting to see who will be picked in the CFL Draft i am looking for some of the Saint Mary's Huskies to go int he first round on thrusday.

what are the picks for the draft in order?

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  1. Edmonton (via Hamilton)
  2. BC (via Winnipeg)
  3. Saskatchewan
  4. BC (via Calgary)
  5. Toronto
  6. BC
  7. Montreal
  8. Hamilton (via Edmonton)

look for winnipeg picking up a punter for sure, and maybe a WR?

...we always seem to come up with some pretty good talent...look at Jon Ryan....he hardly got a look from anyone else ...and I believe we took him in the latter rounds....we do our home work...goBigBlue.. :wink:

Sportsmen or any other Lions fan,

How many offensive lineman do you think BC will take with their first 3 picks?

Hard to say. I think they need to pick up one or two. Wally signed two cuts from the NFL around January. They have about 8 games experience between the two of them. Also, I think it throws your ratios out having that many import linemen.

I think we could also use one more linebacker. Carl Kidd will only be used in certain situations. I doubt he'll be full time.

Wally has chosen to ignore all my written suggestions :wink: So I have no idea what he will end up doing.

Sask. takes Luca Congi? who's he. What's Shivers thinking of - No wonder Rider fans are down on him. Especially with Sutherland available.

Is it over? And If it is what were Saskatchewans Picks?

who is milluex or w.e his name is, that guy that we got for like our 6th round?

He was the number one field goal in the CIS last year. Obviously Saskatchewan needs a kicker and they need to have some competition for this position going into training camp.

We can train him from the start. I’m glad we got Fantuz, good pick up.

I would like to see winnipeg give David Stevens a chance to run the ball. doubt it will ever happen but the guy is awesome. What is with Winnipeg and the U of S. They know will have 3 graduates there from the last 2 years.

But a second round pick? I would think they could have got him in the 6th round…and maybe Chris Cowan and Peter Hogarth will have long and prosperous in the CFL but it would seem quite a gamble when nobody else seems to think so. Maybe Roy has been scouting too much from Las Vegas.