CFL Camps just around the Corner

With an early season start, it appears the camps are just around the corner.

What are the biggest question marks of your team going into camp?

For me it's the offensive line and how the Riders will juggle key departures (Gainey, Woodard, Johnson, Purifoy) in the secondary and on the defensive line. There'll be some new faces but Shivers has done a good job of getting the max from his players, even "no names" coming on the roster.


My question mark is seeing if the RB running game improves , enough O line help , finding a back up QB and the general health of Masoli .

Being a Ticat fan and how much the Double Blue has spent in the off-season if MBT can remain healthy and have a return around season not a garbage season for Toronto like he did last year.

Being a Cats fan there are several things I'm keeping my eye on .

  • The O-Line and the fact that we have to work in a new center as well as shore up the all important blindside LT position .

  • The QB position and if Evans can carry the entire load by himself now that the safety net of Masoli is gone.

  • If the receiving core can replace the loss of long time Cat Speedy B and fellow starting receiver Acklin both lost to FA .

  • If the mystery man 1rst rounder Burt can step up and replace and fill the shoes of the since departed Kalinic and perform after he missed the entire season last year .

  • What happens in the kicking department (both fg and punting) as it was horrendous on both fronts last year and cost us several victories because of the obvious ineptness that was blatantly apparent all season long .

  • How the team replaces the loss of Ja'Gared Davis on the D-Line and also the depth in the interior considering that both Laurent and Johnson are closer to the end then the beginning with both being 34 this season .

Outside of the above mentioned concerns I feel the team is solid at RB / LB and at DB . Besides that it would appear we have some work to do to remain upper echelon in the league this season .

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I'm curious how Speedy B is going to make out with the Argos. Should be interesting.

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CFL Camps just around the Corner

I'm so excited! I'm so excited!! I'm... whoops, I'll get back to you.


If I was a 'Cat's fan that one would be my biggest concern. Evans hasn't shown that he is very durable so far.

As for my hometown Elks, strangely the D-line is the one place that concerns me. We have lost some good talent there in the last couple years and last years play showed a couple guys with promise but nothing outstanding. To this point they have one DE signed and he has never played a down to this point. His numbers look good but - collage numbers are hardly a good indicator because who you did that against is important too.

Biggest question in the Nation's Capital would be how well all the new names will blend together. Optimistic but still a big question.