This is my first post but I’ve been a user of for years now. I was curious what everyone thought of the content, mainly the Inside The Grey Cup series? I think I read there are 11 episodes in total, and they are on #9 currently… It’s pretty cool to see the CFL show behind the scenes footage finally, what do you all think? And Buono resigning with the Leos equals the Cup next year!


Buono resigned!?! When? I thought he was gonna stay coach forever.

i was more wondering what everyone felt about the content on, like inside the grey cup features, and the content on their youtube page. i love the content on like plays of the week so its cool to the cfl start adding more original content.

the cfl should get a deal with msn like the nhl has. when you sign in you see at the bottom of your contacts list the highlights from the previous nights' games. just an idea.

To be honest, outside of the articles posted on the main page and things like GC scores and rosters and stats, I don't really look at a lot of the content on the site. I probably should. :lol: