Dear Fans,

Last weekend we experienced a significant increase in Traffic to Thank you. The traffic experienced doubled (and in some cases more than doubled) the numbers we saw at Grey Cup last season. The CFL Forum hit an all time high of 7700 users, the most previous was about 3k and the system pumped out 125 Mbps in bandwidth usage. Last years Grey Cup was 63 Mbps...

In light of the expected traffic increase to we are making some changes to the site. The largest contributor to our experienced outage was the forum which creates a significant amount of overhead due to its dynamic nature. Therefore the main change will be the CFL Forum which is currently moving to another system. In addition some of the added features (e.g. signatures) will be disabled in order to decrease overhead.

Thank you for your patience.


Sounds good. Whatever helps the forums. Would disabling avatars also help cut down on overhead?

We need Thank you for getting it back up and running.

I think congrats are in order for the techies! Saskatchewan won the Grey Cup and the forum hasn’t crashed yet (Knocks on wood). :smiley: