Writers Make Their Division Finals Selections

Drum roll ...........

This week the consensus pick among our experts is Calgary and Montreal, as 7/12 have picked the visiting Alouettes to hand the Ticats their first loss at Tim Hortons Field while 9/12 are going with the powerhouse Stamps to continue their winning ways vs. Edmonton.

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[ho hum]

This is news?

I guess the Cats shouldn't even show up on Sunday as the "experts" say they will lose.

I am very, very frightened. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Shultz picked Montreal the last week of the season against the Cats at THF !

Hamilton has had no respect from the CFL writers, broadcasters etc for years no matter how good they are. With the exception of a few of them I take what they have to say with a grain of salt. Of all the prognostications about the outcome of the EF on Sunday I think Schultz gave the most honest opinion of all. (and not just because he picked the CATS).
Back in the day before TSN the guys at CBC and I think CTV as well did a good job of analysis without showing much favouritism. IMHO

And when we win it will all be about Cal or Edm and once we win the Cup it will all be about next seasons Argos been a fan for over 40 years quite used to this blabber TBH

5 out of 12 picked ticats. One more and it would have been a tie. Nothing to get yer knickers in a knot over

But Schultz does give the Ticats a narrow edge in the EDF (by 3).

I was a bit surprised by the result on and wonder if they are basing it on their large margin of victory over BC - not that they didn't play well but really BC barely showed up. I expected that the predictions would at least be an even split. They seem to discount that the Als need to run the ball to be successful and the Ticats are tops against the run and held them to only 17 yards last time.

Well opinions are just that and we KNOW at least some of them (most of them?) are wrong! :lol: