website scores and stats

Gotta love the website. Just got home from the Cats game - windiest game I’ve ever been at. I log in to check some of the game comments in the Forum and could not help but notice what the home page had as the final score.

So for a brief moment I thought my brain had been scrambled in the wind and the Cats had won. lol

Another issue - I thought there was a player named Ford on Hamilton who rushed the ball quite a few times tonight and who had a big 50 year plus receiving play to set up a 4th quarter touchdown. Yet here is what the stats page had

Does the CFL have some kid sitting in a basement somewhere doing their scores and stats on their website?

Edited to add - they just now corrected the score - but still no sign of Ford on the stats as I post this.

probably bob youngs son, or nephew, or grandson, or mother…

Checked CFL Pick Em site and they too have it wrong - the score is correct, but incorrect even though it shows my pick is green with a correct check mark. [ -50 instead of +150 ] Just more squeezed fish BS.