Hello all,

Please follow the link and take a sneak peek at V2. Let me know what you think.....

*note: the info listed is all dummy no... that is not the actual schedule....


I like it! Looks real good! Althought its a bit wide. Personally I prefer not to have to scrool left and right to see a page. Other than that it looks great!!!

Are you gonna remove the Quote option from the forum?

:lol: sorry 1313.....well, not really.....

I like it too, but agree it's too wide.....

I love it, reminds me of the old page back in 2004. great job! is good, but that version is much, much better

Does this mean we will be getting html stats???

I agree its nice, and agree its too wide. I know in my design class we wer taught to never ever have people have to scroll right and left. hope that is changed.

They can make the site smaller and thus fit into the screen.

The site os moving to 1024 screen size...

And yes we are moving to HTML stats. The league has spent the past two seasons working on web based stats collection which produces an XML the site will be updated dynamically...


That looks amazing! I also think it should be lengthened(top to bottom) to reduce the horizontal size(left to right).

I noticed it says the Network.

Does that mean that each team's website will be re-done by MRX?

I am intrigued! It has much potential!!

looking good !

makes me wish I could read latin, just to know what’s in the news items… and I’m in total agreement that it looks very good, and approximately 4 mm too wide for my screen.

not to wide for my screen there is actully white empty space on the right

wow...i didnt even notice that i was able to scroll over, until i read all the suggestions on, yes, it is too

at the top of the page, theres all the team logos...calgarys is just a white glow...change that...the logos are fine the size they are on the current site design...if u want to place them in the new position, thats cool, but dont shrink them so much.

and where the CFL game zone weekly matchups is...instead of a boring white backround, could u put a light / faded football field in the backround....really light green so it doesnt blend in with sask. helmets...

those are my suggestions.

will there be real avatars in CFL.CA V2.0?

when is the change gonna take effect?

winnipegs helmet doesnt look like that ( the logo is different now ), and hamilton's has a yellow stripe down the middle....if your gonna update the website, shouldnt the update reflect changes in uniforms and logos too?

is getting a new site, cuz it is badly outdated...had too many photos from the old lookin cfl....

and is it possible to include a section of stadium photos...would love to see more pictures of stadiums i've never been to.

Yes...we will reflect the current for the is getting a complete overhaul as we speak...I will post some creative for that as well....


me too, I wanna see a good shot of the endzones in Edmonton, like this.