CFL.CA traffic!!:))

Time to give the CFL some credit on their various social media platforms be it theSnap, Twitter , FB. And Whistle Sports based in the U.S. It very much seems that Jeffrey Oddridge and his new intiative of appealing to millennials is gaining traction. Not to mention the increased viewership down south with 20 games being broadcasted on ESPN2. In my many years going on the CFL website have I ever recalled more then 6 thousand votes on the daily/weekly poll question let alone more than the 12,000 votes that I have seen on several occasions this year!!!! All of the above devices are funnelling back to the CFL!!!

Great work Jeffrey and Company!!

Keep up the terrific work and let's continue to grow the CFL brand!!!


Wow, great to hear the CFL is gaining traction amongst younger fans. I know the CFL website and this forum get a surprisingly large number of hits, reflected in the 12,000 votes in the poll. I know there are many, many more readers on this forum than there are posters (Hi, everyone!) 8)

Jeffrey, you are the commissioner of the CFL. Stop writting posts under different names.

No one in the Toronto media will notice, till someone in the US media mentions it