& Tom Wright talk Expansion!

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CFL commissioner Tom Wright has fielded inquiries from more than one potential ownership group interested in placing an expansion franchise in Atlantic Canada, while hopes of a new stadium in Halifax stand to be boosted if the city succeeds in its bid to stage the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Wright has gone on record with his desire to add a 10th team before the end of the decade, and he visited the Nova Scotia capital as recently as a month ago, further stoking the embers of expansion talk. An exhibition game between the Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats drew more than 11,000 fans to Huskies Stadium at Saint Mary's University in June.

"We've been approached by people that have expressed an interest in leading an ownership group," he said yesterday. "And, to me, that's further proof positive that there are opportunities there."

Wright would not offer any names.

"I can tell you we've been approached by more than one group," he said. "And that involvement would be local."

Expanding to the East Coast would allow the CFL to profit as the only professional league with a truly national reach. Sponsors would pay a premium to reach sports fans from across the country, television ratings should jump and the schedule-makers would no longer have to juggle an odd number of teams.

It is a dream scenario, to be sure. But its arrival has been consistently delayed by reality.

There is no stadium in Atlantic Canada capable of hosting a CFL team. Huskies Stadium held 11,000 only by the grace of temporary bleachers and there is a report that a proposed stadium in Moncton contains plans for only 10,000 seats.

Hopes of a facility in Halifax could be bolstered if the city beats out Hamilton, Ottawa and York Region (north of Toronto) to become Canada's bid city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. That decision will be made on Dec. 15.

The Games themselves will be awarded in the fall of 2007.

Halifax lost to Hamilton for the chance to represent Canada in the sweepstakes for the 2010 Games, which were eventually awarded to Delhi, India.

"If we're fortunate enough to be chosen to represent Canada on the international basis and get the Games for 2014, that includes a stadium," said Fred MacGillivray, president and CEO of Trade Centre Limited, the group that helped stage Touchdown Atlantic. "So we are doing lots of work on that particular subject. But it's being done, right now, through our bid for the Commonwealth Games."

Moncton and Quebec City have also been touted as potential expansion destinations, and it is believed the 2006 version of Touchdown Atlantic will land in New Brunswick.
Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm has gone on record with his doubts that the "market here is great enough to support a team."

But the optimists are still at work.

"Whoever does their homework well is going to locate a stadium," MacGillivray said from his office in Halifax. "I don't see two 25,000-seat stadiums ever happening in Eastern Canada. I mean, this city is 256 years old, and we've never had a stadium. Moncton -- I don't know what the age of the city is -- but they've obviously never had a major stadium, as well.

"So if you look across Canada, from Victoria to Quebec City, there's a major stadium in every major city across the country. There's nothing in Atlantic Canada. I think Atlantic Canada's time has come."

i think the CFL should provide us with MORE updates on this topic....we all are very interested in this.

but its good to hear there is going to be ANOTHER touchdown atlantic....keep CFL interest high on the East-coast, for an expansion team to pig-back off of the momentum!

altho, i would'a preferd another touchdown atlantic in Halifax...again, at st mary's stadium ( same as the 05 T.A. ), but with stadium configured to 15-20 000 instead of 11 000....

critics point out, 11 000 fans means nothing, when your looking to fill 25 000 on a weekly basis!

No ofence D God, but this topic has been done so much it's really old

Yes, Halifax has all these onwers working togerther to get a stadium and a team by 2010, depending on if they get the commonweath games which they should just base it on getting this one event in my opion. Moncton also is building a 10,000 seat stadium which means didaly to the league becase it is below the requments. etc etc etc.

sorry to mix opion in there with fact, but I think everyone can firgue it out.

I don't think they will call the exhibution game in Moncton "TD Atlantic" again.


KK, he's just pointing out an interesting read.....

yeah I know, but I'm sick of Expansion this and that

it's a very exciting tme for a CFL fan right now, but lets cut down on the expansion threads.

They should call Kevin Costner and tell him "If you build it, they will come" The guy would be so excited to be seen as such a visionary he would build the stadium all by himself and produce/direct/edit a movie about him featuring him.

huh??? We’re sick of expansion threads??? really Kanga??? then why is there so many of them…I haven’t seen any threads about your Action Point beside you…so how about giving it a rest on the AP threads and let it die already

Once again you prove that I am right Madmaxine.
Your always try to cut down a person.You NEVER talk football.I mean never.At least I talk football once in a while.
Kanga gave his point.Then you cut him down.You think you are right.However once again you show how ignorant you are.
I'm still waiting for your football knowledge Madmaxine.
Another thing Madmaxine.How are your riders doing?STILL FUNNY!!!

YA me too.
Lets talk about the action point. :lol:

sorry I dont know what came over me :oops:

Mafmax, there ae only 2!!!! count them two AP topics (well, one one really, but another that is abou my standings and IGC refers to it). yes, I have been update one over and over again, but would you rather I make 10 toipc abou the AP? I don't think so.

there are more then 15 topic about expansion. I'm sick of saying the same stuff other again and again in them, and I believe some of the others are.

Ro, good to see that you are taking an intrerest in the AP. let's talk after I mail Mr. Wright and Mr. Black abou it.

If the city of Halifax and the CFL are really interested in getting a team in place there might be a solution to the stadium financing part of the problem.

Halifax should buck the private ownership trend if they want to make it work. Small, low-income markets like Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are better served by public ownership because they are treated as non-profit organizations. This makes it easier to come up with deficit financing without paying interest on their loans. That is to say, private lenders like to be associated with a popular public enterprise.

Given that, a modest stadium could be erected on borrowed money with the city guaranteeing the loan. The CFL would then guarantee 2 Grey Cups in a row to pay down the debt. An amusement tax or head tax during the GC week would generate a lot of additional revenue.

I like to see Winnipeg become private owned by the Aspens as long as the owners sell the team back to the pubic when they don't want it anymore.

KK sick of expansion? QUICK CALL 9-1-1 KK has hurt himself! Just kidding

KK, you are the King of Expansion.....! Don't tell me you've come around to our thinking now?

but with all the expansion talk, that has happened over the last few months, it is nice to see something on cfl's Official site....

to know they haven't FORGOTTEN the whole idea.

that they ARE still working on tryin to get a 10th team...that its NOT just talk.

im not sayin that we need to have all the SAME discussions AGAIN....just that we didnt have those conversations FOR

the league IS trying to improve and grow!....all our optimisim isnt for nothing.

well Pried40 I like your ideal............but would the rest of the owners want to give up two Grey Cups????...........if that was part of the condition of being granted a team it may work...................or even 2 Grey Cups in 4 years..................I do believe the last time the game was in Regina it brought in 38 or 39 would be up to the city and province to spend the money and that could be a very hard sale.............for a stadium

do I still have my dreams and ideas of a bigger CFL? yes I do

do I want to tell you guys over and over again? no, I'm tried

you wanna know my dreams for the league and my opinions on expansion, go look at my old postings. I'm done talking abou it.

I didn't mean to dapin anybody's hopes or dreams, and this is a great time for that, but I'm just sick of this topic

we bounce off the walls and then come right back down to square one, it's pointless unless you haven't said anything abou it yet, and if you haven't, go look up an old topic and post in that. I'd be much happier with that then a new expansion topic coming up week after week.

realistically, the league will only get to 10 teams anyway, it will take Canada another 30 something years until they expand again.

A 10th team is ideal ... 10 teams will be a good number. Just the right size for our favourite league. That said, any team in Halifax better not be the NINTH team! I'm starting to get scared for Ottawa ... I don't want something to happen to them. If something does happen to them (knock on wood), then hopefully it's "just" a move (Q City?), not a fold ...

I think you guys are overreacting abou Ottawa, worst thing that could happen is the G’s really scrum up the team and the league buys it back and fixes it and sells it to another owner.

The league doesn’t want to lose a team from the nation’s capital, especially since the worked so hard to get a team there in the frist place. Folding or moving is out of the question.

KK - I think the worst thing to happen will be the G’s WILL screw it up (strike 3), and the league WON’T bail out a team with a flounderring track record, and shrinking attendance.

The best thing that could happen - some rich eccentric makes them an offer they can’t refuse, they sell, and they just go away … and stay away this time.

(and yes, I’ll still cheer them on, no matter what end)

Where's Eugene Melnyk ...