Roundtable: Who should be the Riders QB in the Semi?

Question #1: Who should be the starting quarterback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders? Will Ken Miller stick with his #1 guy for the duration of the game?


Bishop will be the starting quarterback and he should be given that he was the starter the last game and a half. He should be the sharpest of the three. If he manages to not force up some bad interceptions he'll play the entire game, but Durant is more than capable coming off the bench in case he does.


I wish Ron Lancaster was still alive- he would be my choice!!
However, the Lions had problems with 3 quarterbacks last week against the Stamps.
The Riders will prevail whomever is at the reigns.

Go Riders Go
Don’t forget the long-underwear Lions players and fans!
CFL Rules - what a great league!!! :cowboy: :rockin:

Bishop would have to be the starter. As long as the Riders can maintain a lead then he should stay in. If the Riders fall behind and Bishop starts to cough it up then a very short leash is in order.

Bishop can make the good scamper here and there and the odd albeit lucky long bomb but can really hurt you at the wrong time too.

its a no brainer and quite obvious its Bishop whether he finishes the game is yet to be seen

:D :roll:

Bring back Nealon Greene :thup: :roll: :roll:

Miller is going to go old-school.... wishbone formation.

Bishop taking the snaps with Jyles, Durant and Cates in the backfield! :slight_smile:

Bishop will be

Durant should be

this really is a stupid question.. It's only been made because they have nothing else to go on.. nice boys.

of course it'll be Bishop till the end!

end of sentence.

close the topic.

the question is who SHOULD be, which is more debatable than who WILL be and perfectly legitable discussion. Who the hell do you think you are to say CLOSE TOPIC. Arrogant _ _ _ !

That's not even a word, man, I looked it up! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I wasn't LITERALLY asking for this topic to be closed!!!

It was just a way of saying it's over!

except, you dont get to say when its over. Its over either when a mod decides it needs to be over because posters are breaking forum rules, or no one else has anything to say.

[url=] ... lebook.pdf[/url]

Page 35 - Rule 4, section 5, article 5:

Article 5 – Designated Quarterback Prior to the game, a team is required to designate three players who shall be permitted to alternate for each other during the game at the quarterback position exclusively. Not more than one such player may be in the game at any time and none of the three can enter the game as a member of Team B. A player shall be deemed to be playing at the Team A quarterback position if, at the snap of the ball, that player is in position to receive the ball directly from the centre. If a designated quarterback participates in the game at another position: PENALTY: L25 PLS DR or L25 PBD or option.
Sort of a ridiculous 25 yard penalty.

Write and tell him this rule sucks. Bring back old school wishbone formation.

Marcus Crandell :stuck_out_tongue:

It'll be Bishop, and it's probably the right choice, but I sure wouldn't be comfortable with him as my starter going into the playoffs..