Roundtable: Who is your M.O.P. for 2008?

Question #3: Who is your M.O.P. for 2008 – Anthony Calvillo or Henry Burris?


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Cameron Wake.

You don't say. I was attempting to insert a bit of brevity into one of your unread and uncommented posts. Hence the cowboy.

Apparently I was a bit too subtle.

In any case, my opinion is that Cam Wake should be the MOP; however that choice isn't available. And I'm not even a Lions fan.

Henry Burris

Anthony Calvillo

The choices for the writers were the official choices, Burris & Calvillo... but it is a free-for-all here. Wake is a solid selection.

Calvillo, if you go strictly with the numbers. Burris if you feel that playing more games against the West makes up for the gap in the numbers.

I agree. Henry has had to mature and better his game in a tougher division than AC.

My vote goes to HB

I too would choose Cam Wake if he were an option.

I go with AC. He is the reason why the Als are successful. When he's not "on", look what happens.

Burris honestly didn't stand out to me this year. He had a good season but I would have chosen Wake over Burris.

AC should and will win.

Of the choices I go with Calvillo.

He has better numbers with a worse line up. Burris has the legues bets rusher which opens up tons of room for him, plus a bigger better recieving core.

Burris is a decnt QB no question, but Calvillo had a better year.

Truth be known, I am from Sask, hate BC passionately, but really beleive Cam Wake should get the nod. An player named most outstanding should be one who controls the game with his play. A QB controls a game because he touches the ball on every offensive play, Cam Wake controls a game with his speed and strengh and rarely if ever touches the ball, that to me is outstanding.


you all thought i was crazier earlier in the season when i said it and now he is one of the 2. He is the most versatile, althlectic, and durable qb in the cfl. he can beat any sb and overall and defence in the air or on the ground. so all that said Burris ahould beat calvillo in the MOP race. that and the fact he won first in the power house west division and not the flunk out east division.

Henry Burris should win. He has shown that his inconsistant pass is behind him. Plus he played against the top defenses in the league being in the western division. The Als lost twice to the Stamps this season as well and in those games AC looked very ordinary.

Henry doubt about it. HB has a far superior record in wins against WINNING teams...he is more of an all around QB then Cavillo..not only did he do will in the TD's, passing, but also in rushing alone. Cavillo had great numbers in the east, but did not do will against the West.. Henry Burris and his team, did beat the Als in their two meetings. As far as recievers..both had talented individuals. If the scenerio was reversed...and Cavillo had played primarily in the West with the same results..then AC..but didn't happen. So Burris all the way. IMHO