Roundtable: Who is your Grey Cup favourite?

Question #1: Of the final four teams remaining heading into the Division Finals, who is your favourite to win the Grey Cup?

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The Calgary Stampeders were the best team in the regular season and they will take the cup in 08'

With everything AC went through in the offseason (his wife battling cancer) i'd like to see him win, espessically at home.

You're all out to lunch! Galgary is too cocky for there own good...They need taming! Surprise, surprise, here comes the BC Roar!!

It's a different Lions team when they play with killer passion. We saw that in Regina against a tough defence. Look for an "upset" in Calgary.

Montreal, but BC will win.

Hank is a choke artist, and Montreal is considerably better then Edmonton.

OH if you could go back a couple of days hey sutper Simon!

As of right now, I would say the Stamps are the GC favourites.