Roundtable: Who has momentum... WPG or EDM?

Question #2: Who has the momentum heading into the East Semi-final? Do the Eskimos have a shot at being the first crossover team to win in the semi-final?


Edmonton beat up on a Montreal squad playing backups, and Winnipeg beat last place Hamilton. I don't think either team has any momentum going into this game. They both get to start out of the blocks.

winnipeg has the momentum, they have gone 6-2 in their final 8 games

I think the Eskie's may have the momentum here even though they have looked less than average. Ricky Ray is not going to be stopped forever here and I really think he's due for very good game. I still don't get a real sense that the Bombers have shed their bad habits just yet. This game is going to come down to which QB shows up.

It should be a barn burner!!

No question the Bombers. That victory in Montreal 2 weeks ago was huge for their confidence, especially since it came against AC and the first stringers and not Brady and the backups. Secondly, the first half against Hamilton last week, Glenn was a 158.3 qb rating, the highest attainable, before being sat down, he is ready to go. The Bombers have pretty much the entire starting roster healthy and rested for the first time in a long time.

The Eskimos have some pretty significant ? on their o-line, especially at tackle on Ray's blind side, could be very distracting for him looking over his shoulder all game. And finally the weather is playing right into the Bombers game plan. Will the Eskimos be able to run the ball and keep the pressure off Ray ?

I gotta go with the blue. not because they are my team. but 2 particular reasons.

  1. Home Field - tickets sales are almost sold out last i heard was over 27,000. and judging by last night and today. It is really bad outside which favours the ground game for winnieg. since both joe and fred are good to go. so noise and weather make home field huge.

  2. seasons end - after stumblig out o the blocks the bombers have gone 8-2. since the trade of roberts and the trade that enver happened for canada. the team got shook up and started playing better. and alot of guys ae back from injury. Edmontin however have been consistantly good all season but have also stuggled. although against the west they have been up and down all season ending on more of a sour note to me. they will have to come fast and keep it going to beat the blue.

..The real Wpg. Blue Bombers became visible in the last part of the season....their game has really come together...IF they get some adequate quarterbacking...they can go far in the play-offs.....What a lot of people are forgetting ..this team has a high-owered receiving corps....Edwards, Armstrong, Bryant, ...Franklyn..and Stegal to go with a new-found running game...The special teams have also picked up their game.....soooooo The way the Bombers finished the year would definitely give an indication of the necessary 'momentum'...they just have to execute...cuz the talent is definitely there.... :rockin:

that and last time i checked they were gfavoured by 1.5 points

I think the Eskioms will win this game. I believe they are a very good team just wearing sheeps clothing. Coming in as the under dogs always bring the best out on Ricky Ray and his team. The only untagiable would be coaching. Both coaches are not great but DM can hurt his team with bad calls. I still think the Eskimos pull this one out.

Well, I'll say this... if it comes down to a FG, Edmonton wins. :stuck_out_tongue: