Roundtable: Calvillo & Co. vs. Ray & Co. ?

Question #3: Which set of passing weapons would you rather have in an indoor game – Ray and company or Calvillo and company?

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For me this boils down to one thing only. Pass protection. Which ever QB has the luxury of pass protection on game day will be the victor. I should add that both QB's may get good PP, it may boil down to who gets the best PP. Ricky Ray may need a few more points than AC to win this game because I think the AL's have a better "D"

I think this is going to be a great battle.

Ehh... Our O-Line sucks...

RR can move out of the pocket and even though he looks clumbsy doing it he avoids the rush usually very well and can take off with the ball. He always seems to have a player coming back to the play when needed. If he doesn't get hammered very early in the disrt quarter he will get on a roll and can beat Montreal.

By the way Chief even though you wouldn't cheer for my riders I'm counting on the Eskies to pull of the unset hear, if you can call it that. I don't see there being any home field advantage. Hopefully dizzy Machicia doesn't call any bonheaded plays. :wink: :thup:

Well, I predicted the Lions would win... but after thinking about it, I decided I'd rather deal with Riders fans than Lions fans. Too bad... But thanks for cheering for the Esks.

Ray can move, and I hope he does. Too often the pocket collapses on him. I'd say this is a pretty even match. Both are future HoF QBs, and they both have game-changing receivers. Hopefully they're still groggy from the layoff.

I love Tucker, but even without him, Esks have the edge IMO. QB's well matched, but Kelly Campbells speed, and Kamau Petersons ability to get open will allow us to squeek out a win against the Als.