Roundtable: BC D-Line vs. Calgary O-Line?

Question #2: Reynolds and the Calgary Offensive Line versus Cam Wake in the BC Defensive Line – who do you like in this match-up?

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I like the stamps on this one. While wake can be a dominate force the Stamps will have the luxury of knowing where he lines up. The Stamps can take advantage of this with Reynolds either choosing to stay away from him or using Wakes own speed to the QB to his own advantage.

Some well timed backfield handoffs and Wake & co could be over commited by the time Reynolds hits the hole. Thats one theory. The other is Burris just makes sure any passes going to the ight side are quick or great timing passes. Theres no doulbt Wake will have his chances but the Stamps can work around it. Its when you forget about someone that they burn you.

Wake is a beast, but the Stamps O-Line has shown they can handle him and Burris is just too elusive for wake to make an impact.

...the age old 'Immovable Object' meets the 'Irresistible Force' question...and it's a good one...

...on a pure running game assault I think BC has advantage over the will be tough to penetrate their D line especially if you plug the gaps with BC's capable linebackers...

...but that's not Calgary's primary MO is it now?...nope, it's their passing game and again BC will be tough here, but advantage goes to Calgary in the pass protection department and the stamps take advantage of the BC backfield with a scrambling-away-from-Wake Burris....

Depends on how the B.C. D-Line plays. If they play clean football, I give the nod to the Stamps, but if they play dirty (like they usually do), then I give them the advantage. :smiley:

Our D-line does not play dirty...ever.

That type of comment shows how biased you really are.

And your comment just shows you don't have a sense of humour... :roll:

Apologies, I didn’t notice the smiley.