Power Rankings

I like Dunnigan,Schultz,Milt even Dorf but Jock Climie irritates me.
Don't get me wrong TSN's CFL coverage is beyond great and their ratings prove it

Cahoon's loss isn't as huge as people think. He was splitting time with S.J. Green last season anyway and wasn't a particularly important component of the offense.

This power ranking mean absolutly nothing, I bet this guy will keep the Peg ahead of us even if we spank them this friday, can't look to deeply into these :smiley:

The rumer out of winnipeg is that KG has not won an opening season game yet. KG comes out weak in his 1st game
of the season.
My worry is that with such a tight relationship the OC has with KG , he might not replace KG with Porter when KG
starts to get into a slump and lets the game go down the drain. :thdn: :thdn:

Since their last win in Montreal on October 20, 2002, the Cats are a miserable 0-13 at Molson Stadium
Till we win there we are not any better . Can Baggs and Hickman Stay Healthy ?
Where Raw in Middel of Our D line
We are starting Eddie Steel
if Matt Kirk was there I'd feel a Ton Better .
His Backup is a Raw Rookie
Rookies at CB And Half Back Spot ..
A Rookie DC
It Defense that Wins you a Grey cup not Offense if can't stop anyone your not going to win Plan and Simple

as Much as I hate Milt Stegal
He is Right this system won't work with everyone being same page
We Are starting alot raw players.
that Means Major Mistakes.

We're starting two rookies on make it sound like half the D' consists of rookies.

Rookie and 1st Years = 4 For every player who starts under 2 years Experience = 1 loss.
Most Coaches know this rule of thumb.

Also the system Requires great Pressure to get turnovers
It Same system Calgary plays but there same boat this year.
Both will Trouble stopping the pass.
Calgarys Front 4 is Better

I also think Toronto has Better Defense as of now but that could Change

it will take at least 6 games for this Defense to jell
Lucky for them they have Favorable Schedule in the 1st 6 Games.
They should go 3 and 3 to start the Season.

Sometimes the things you post baffle me :roll:

I was gunna post almost the exact same thing, where do you come up with this math equation? look at Toronto last year, their offense was full of rookies, Boyd, Owens, Lemon...they did fine

plus your equation doesn't even make sense? :?

There's no way you can convince me that Charleston Hughes and Robert McCune are better than Hickman and Baggs. As for the inside, they lost Tom Johnson to the NFL and are now going with the 33 year old Devone Claybrooks alongside Corey Mace who has spent less than a year in the league (According to you that should cost them a game, or two, because I didn't really understand the equation you provided).