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We're ranked 7th.......

Who is this guy? His opinion is based on the 1st quarter of a pre-season game.

Put it this way. He has Winnipeg in 4th. 'Nuff said.

He also ranked the Riders 3rd and only had negative things to say about them. The rankings look more like a reflection of how last year ended as opposed to how the pre-season transpired.

Wow based on this ranking, I think I just found one less thing to read this season.

WPG - an iffy QB and many of their 14 losses were close gets them ranked higher.

HAM- A 5000 yard QB, a 9-9 record with no mention of close losses and mistakes made in a 57 point victory gets them a lower rank.

Did I miss anything ?

Lets' hope he's not right, it's scary. Winnipeg is the "Dark Horse" of the league this year.

"My dark horse team of 2011! Oh G-d I hate that I am saying this next line but let’s just get it out of the way: "If Buck Pierce can stay...?

Alright, you know what I’m going to say, so why type the words?

Fact of the matter is that nine of the team’s 14 losses in 2010 came by four points or less. If they can get consistent kicking and enjoy a full season with a healthy quarterback, Winnipeg will compete with the best teams in the East.

They have talent at receiver with Terrence Edwards and Greg Carr and an elite runner in last year’s leading rusher Fred Reid. Throw in the fact that last season saw them rank second in yards allowed and you have yourself all the makings for a classic "out of no where team."

Thanks but understood it the first time I read it.

I usually like Matt Cauz, but these ratings are just stupid...

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I personally think he's dead off. I think the team to slide this year will be Saskchewan and he's over-inflating Winnipeg. He also fails to mention how many games we had (including our playoff game) that field goals would have won the game for us.

Well I don't agree with his standings but I, unfortunately, have to agree with what he said about the Hamilton vs montreal game. I think if we had of left our first string in against their first string (as it was in the first half) the score would have been very different and I fear we would not have come out on top. But it's a preseason game so it does not really matter. Let's see the standings after the first three games. I know they will be very defferent.

I think he's spot on regarding our DB situation. That is the one glaring weakness our team suffers from. I think the fact he didn't mention we lost four games solely due to missed field goals but give Winnipeg a free pass for getting within four isn't fair, especially when they still have the incredibly fragile Buck Pierce at QB without a backup of note.

Puting my passion and love of the Ticats aside, he does make some interesting points about our Ticats. :expressionless:
Hopefully the Ticats players read this joker and put a hate on and prove him wrong ! :x
I am a little nervous though :?


I may be the only one who wasn’t overly impressed by Hamilton’s 57-20 throttling of the Alouettes in week 2 of the pre-season.

Here's what I remember from that game. I saw Kevin Glenn badly overthrow Maurice Mann on three occasions and Montreal out-gaining the Tiger Cats 173 to 59 total yards in the first quarter. I witnessed the Tabbies secondary get burnt deep, as they often were in 2010, and their offence failing to find a way to reach the endzone.

Now, I certainly may be overreacting to the pre-season, but every year there is always one team that slides. Hamilton is my pick for 2011.

One final point, their 9-9 record is even less impressive when you consider they beat Winnipeg and Toronto six times, the Lions and the Eskimos once each and an Alouettes squad at the end of the year when the stakes were not that high for the defending champs.

I think he dead right ... we beat Montreal Backups not The Real Als
We beat weak Teams last your to get to 9 and 9

we beat Als Team when a Game meant nothing to them last year .
Till We beat Montreal in Montreal I will Continue to have Skepticism in 2011 Club .
Our DB got lit up like Christmas Tree all Preseason
we had no Pass Rush at all and we want to plan man to man :lol:
We look like Punch Drunk Boxer out there vs Montreal Starters

I think we'll beat Winnipeg this week but not by much

Hamilton 22 Winnpeg 18

First off, preseason performance doesn't mean much in terms of a team's strength.

Secondly, any power rankings based on preseason aren't even worth having.

Isn't it apparent at the most fundamental level, that talent wise, Montreal has gone down somewhat with the significant losses of Cahoon and Cobourne, and that Hamilton's has gone up with their various acquisitons?

Not that that means all that much either, but surely it, at the very least, means more than the preseason games.

Ya... We beat the Montreal Backups with the Hamilton Backups :roll:

The Captain is right here, the losses of Cahoon and Cobourne are large holes for there team to fill.
The acqusition of Cobourne and Medlock have filled large holes on our team.

It Defence that Wins Titles not Kicking or Offence..

If can's stop anyone your going to Lose..

True, but the point is, Montreal should be little easier to deal with defensively with the deptures of both Cahoon and Cobourne.

This is true Tom,
On defence our linebackers could be the best in the league IMHO.
Our front four although thin look pretty good led by Baggs
It is true our D/B's are unproven and could be taken advantage of but with our new agressive style defence I would hope the opposing Q/B's could make some mistakes by being rushed which should help our D/B's in coverage.
Our Offence and Kicking are Money this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is [u]exactly[/u] what Milt Stegall was discussing on TSN's CFL season preview (which was just on)