Am I seeing things????????????? They have the Bombers ranked above us and Sask. Someone has been smoking something

over at the CFL office. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Not according to the TSN power rankings

(Last updated: September 20)

[1] Calgary (Last Week: 1)
[2] Montreal (Last Week: 2)
[3] Saskatchewan (Last Week: 3)
[4] Hamilton (Last Week: 4)
[5] Toronto (Last Week: 6)
[6] Winnipeg (Last Week: 7)
[7] B.C. (Last Week: 5)
[8] Edmonton (Last Week: 8)

Every week somebody is cautght by this. uses a formula that only takes into accound 4 stats and is based upon one year's performance. Sorry.... statistically it's the equivalent of garbage.

we go through this every week...
They use a stupid system and it has failed them all season.

The four stats that they are using are based on results from the 2009 season only. As I have said before, that's like publishing the top TV programs of the year after asking just one person. If they insist on publishing these power rankings, they need to develop a new formula based on many years of results. Maybe then, something as basic as number of turnovers might be included.

Or they could go back to the power rankings everyone's used for years - the standings.

Yeah, and the CFL.CA rankings put Hamiton ahead of Saskatchewan. What the crap is that? There's no way we're even as good as them, let alone better. Garbage garbage garbage.

you dont think were as good as sask...
wait till Saturday and youll have a different opinion.

We smoked them for most of the last game but then Mann and Stala coughed it up and we drew a couple dumb flags and voila.We lost.

Those were the most improbable two interceptions I could imagine. The first one, on Mann, the defender was diving through mid-air and snatched the ball up just inches before it hit the ground (it happened right in front of where I was sitting). And the other one was improbable because Stala rarely drops nevermind pop one up into the air.

A bad pass interference call against us in the end zone was also a big factor in the loss at Regina.

I think that the Cats are more than due for a win this weekend and I wouldn't be surprised to see it happen. I hope that the crowd plays a huge part in it (much like the Mosaic crowd does in the Sask games). I want to see the Hamilton crowd AND the Ticats turn the tables on the Riders.

If only they would just learn that the time to make noise is ... ON DEFENSE!
I couldn't believe it in the Montreal game when the Oskee Wee Wee chant started up when we were 3rd and inches. It wasn't close enough to go on the no count, centre snaps on a touch from the QB, so they needed quiet at that point. I know it wasn't the same as the roar you want on defence, but still, come on guys.

Maybe someone needs to print up leaflets on how to cheer for effect at a football game.

If you think that's funny, check out what it says for week 12. Had a bit of a laugh when I saw it.

Then again, maybe there's something to it after all. In week 1, Winnipeg hammered Hamilton 49-29. But in their power rankings, they have Hamilton two spots ahead of Winnipeg. I guess they knew something back then.

(Week 12 on the other hand, that was a joke.)

Those are some of the worst rankings, I thought maybe they would start to even out over the course of the season as most rankings do, but they are still all over the place week to week. Saskatchewan prior to the Calgary hadn't played well, but there's no way they were last in the league. They have Calgary right and have for a while, but that's because they lead in pretty much all the statistical categories, I think you could throw any combo of stats in there and they'd be first. Winnipeg has been way too high all season long. Hamilton ahead of Saskatchewan is fine, there's only 1 win separating them, they are pretty close.