poll - Which coordinator will have a greater impact..

Which coordinator will have a greater impact with the Tiger-Cats this season?

  1. Rod Rust, Defence
  2. Mike Working, Offence
  3. Both will have an equal impact

As a coordinator alone? Rust.

Working will be good, but Taaffe will have a lot to say re the offensive approach taken.

It will be the foundation Rust can leave in mentoring someone like Gregg Butler to assume the DC reins when he leaves that will have the most lasting impact on the team in the long term, IMHO.

I hold Rust in a similar level of esteem as I do with Sudsy and Rich Stubler. The guy is a phenomenal teacher and gets results. The more important aspect is that he gets players to buy into his system and makes the players into more intelligent participants in a collective effort.

Oski Wee Wee,

I got Chance to talk too all of our Coaches Russ
Charlie our New OC and our GM at Ticats Meet and Greet
I was most Impressed Rod..

we got talking about Cover 2 Defence vs Tampa2
then about Combo Covages
how Hide blitzes..

man I learned alot ..
The Man Still has it sharp as Ever.