Poll on Game-winning Drives

After last night's game, I was marvelling how frequently there have been last-minute game-winning drives - probably weren't that many all of last year!

The poll out right now is both timely and tough (and the Rider-related choice isn't even winning right now!!).

I'd be curious to hear why you voted the way you did, if you did.

I voted for the Joseph drive, as the scoring play was the classic QB draw for Kerry and exploited our nonexistent run contain perfectly. Honorable mention to either Ray in week 2 or Dinwiddie last night - both of those teams got lucky at the end after letting Calgary hsng in the game for far too long.

Have we entered into Bizarro land? Why isn't the Rider option winning?

What, a poll the Riders DIDN’T win? :expressionless:

Definitely the Joseph drive...all were outstanding, but that is the most vivid one for me right now...

I'm scared... :?

I voted for Ray, but I agree with what you said.

I voted for the Joseph drive for two reasons. First, it was so vivid because I was there. Second, that rolling dive over the goal line was spectacular.