CFL CA POLL COLLAROS VS WILLY who will have better season

Its that time of year again... when www.CFL.CA polls decimate the self- esteem of any and all Ticat fans... Heres' the latest. dated 4 april 2014. Its one day old and appears to be populated by Bumber fans with nothing better to do with their time.. but then, given their prospects (sorry Danny Mac) what can you expect :wink:

Fan Poll

Which QB will have a better season with their new team?

1) Zach Collaros
2) Drew Willy

Total Votes : 7,104

Perhaps we can move the yardsticks a little our way in favour of accuracy, eh?

take the plunge , guys... vote for Collaros! :cowboy:

So i went on to when this poll had just been put up and there was about 50 votes on it and they were about 90% for drew willy, so i started to vote over and over for Collaros. Every time i voted and refreshed the count had two more votes, mine and someone who really likes drew willy. this went on until the count was up to about 350 votes, i had brought collaros upto about 45%, the fact that it is upto over 7000!!!! now is just rediculous, i stopped because i had more important things to do. They can stuff this poll all they want, but the results on the gridiron is all that matters. i just cant wait for this season to get underway, Oskee Wee Wee. Time to vote....... :rockin:

I just can't see Willy doing better the Collaros, and sadly through no fault of his own.

Winnipeg from what I can tell hasn't improved their O.Line in the off season and Nick Moore while a good reciever isn't going to turn around their recieving corps.

Hamilton on the other hand may have lost Marwan Hage and has Dyakowski recovering from an injury but acquired Steve Myddelton and has been signing other O.Linemen from down south to fill the gap. That and Hamilton has one of the best bunch of recievers in the league in Andy Fantuz, Greg Ellingson (who could have been Rookie of the year), Bakari Grant (who's now comming into his own), Sam Giguere (who's also starting to show his worth), Cary Koch, Onrea Jones and Luke Tasker.

Willy was in a very well coached system in Saskatchewan. There will be a big drop-off in that regard in Winnipeg (Buellefuelle is no Cortez, and O'Shea is a rook HC). Moreover, compared to the Riders, who basically fielded an all-star team on O every time Willy took a snap there, the Bombers are an offensive team full of holes, lack of depth and "what if's?" Even after using their first draft pick this year to fill one hole there, the offensive line will still be a huge problem for Willy (Winnipeg is very thin there). You can't complete too many throws when you are laying on your back.

Get the big Browner back. :cowboy:

That's when they learn how to scramble/run :twisted:

This poll is a joke...............