Player Stats

I know this has been discussed before, but wow the player stat section of the league website is embarrassing. It was clearly designed by someone that has never watched football. On the league leaders page there is a "Receiving Caught" category. Why is this not labeled "Receptions"?

When you go to Brandon Banks player profile, there's no way to view his returning stats. He's listed as a wide receiver, so you get to see his receiving stats, and rushing stats. No mention of kick returns though.

I could go on and on pointing out errors but I don't think it's worth it. The whole damn thing is a mess. It's 2016, advanced stats are catching on in all sports. Yet for the CFL, I can barely figure out how many return yards the best kick returner in the league has. Get it together.

Statistics are for losers

You're wrong on that one :roll:

Stats are indeed for losers, and the ones who argue they aren't are even bigger losers.

Hmm maybe you guys are right. Instead of stats, we should just evaluate players on things like grit, heart, and scrappiness.

Hell, I'm not even asking for any advanced stats. The website makes it difficult to find even the most basic of numbers.

I prefer the phrase to read "stats are for the losers". When you win, the only important stat is the score, and the "W". You never see the winners point to the stats sheet to rub in the nose of the loser like they do to the scoeboard.

When you lose, sometimes the stats help you realize how well your performance actually compared to the winner?

Utimately, I think it is how we use, misuse, or manipulate the stats that causes the backlash. Because, really, the reason we play is to win. That's why we keep score.

the ones who feel that stats are not important are not smart enough to know what they mean

Stats are for winners ..... of the awards, trophies, cups and bonuses.

Whether they're for winners or losers, stats do make for interesting reading in the dull days between games:

IMO a players character and heart are much better ways to measure their quality. The men they are on the field is what matters most to me.

Also, there is only one ball, and spreading it isn't always possible. So some players get neglected in terms of hands on the ball, and in turn stats. Z receivers always have low stats, but they're still good enough to start. Watt certainly isn't a bad receiver, so his low stats don't speak to that.