needs better writers or editors or both

Reading the game story for the eskimos and lions game I came across this wonderful bit

Two plays later, Ray found Stamps again for a nine-yard touchdown pass.

But the Lions got a break on the ensuing kick-off as returner Tristan Jackson fumbled and Jason Arakgi recovered, giving B.C. the ball on the Edmonton 30. Lulay took the Lions to the Edmonton one, then backup Jarious Jackson came in and pitched out to Yonus Davis who scampered into the end zone.

Tristan Jackson is the Eskimos returner, but somehow he returned a kickoff after the esks scored a touchdown.

also had this beuaty:

Shortly after the touchdown, Edmonton lost receiver Kamau Petersen as B.C. defensive back Anthony Reddick sent him head over heels after a catch.

A few minutes later, the Eskimos lost another receiver.

Just when the Eskimos were threatening to score, B.C. defensive back David Hyland nailed Kelly Campbell as he was attempting to make a catch at the B.C. 25-yard line. Korey Banks intercepted and returned the ball to midfield, but the Lions could only manage a Whyte 53-yard punt single.

I didn't watch the game, so was it Kelly Campbell who was the second receiver down?

Regardless the league needs to a better job then this article:

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I don't care what the deadlines are, at least re-read it and make sure it's logical.

Given their difficult season to this point, the Eskimos need help, and this was a very creative way of getting them some help, having them return a kickoff after THEY had scored ! Brilliant concept. . . LOL

The article should have read. . . "a few minutes later, the Eskimos lost another receiver, but it's a secret and we're not going to tell you."

Billy Billy Billy. . . man I was so tempted to say something about people in glass houses. . .


Pretty sure it was Phillips with the pick, not Banks...

haha. So you did say something about glass houses, you did. :thup:

Good thing what i get paid to write is code, and not English.

This one is the Canadian Press, but still

Top rookie:

B.C. linebacker Solomon Elimimian has been quite a find, having posted a club-high 64 tackles. When Saskatchewan took Queen's linebacker Shomari Williams first overall in this year's draft, its plan was to shift him to defensive end. Williams has performed admirably with the defending Grey Cup champions, garnering a handful of starts but more importantly figuring in the club's defensive gameplan. Another candidate is Calgary kicker Rob Maver, who leads the CFL in scoring with 149 points and has hit 30-of-39 field goals but his longest is 45 yards.

I guess the Riders really did win. All those tears for nothing [url=] ... in-for-mop[/url]

wow, that is Shoddy writing there Billy, how can they miss that on their proof read?

OR Taman has traded Williams to the Als and we haven't heard about it yet, LOL.