Milestone - 10,000 topics

As I write this, there are exactly 10,000 topics (I guess mine will be 10,001 if no one else posts a new one in the next 20 seconds)!

Thanks to all of you for your interesting (and sometimes not so interesting, but what the hey) contributions! Keep it up ... just a few less expansion threads over the off-season, please!!! :lol: :lol:

A few less about ridiculous rule changes wouldn't hurt, either... :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m all for discussing whats good and what could use some tinkering…

The notion that the game is perfect isn’t universal and this is the only place where you can meet to discuss what you’d like to see in the game.

Yes some of it might be out there but quit discouraging it.

We can talk about whatever concerns the game as long as its civil. If there’s a rule change thread and you don’t want to talk about that, choose another thread.

It is as simple as that.


Or expantion or Video games or all star games :wink:

Thats not the point.....The point is we dont need 5 threads on the same page about tthe same topic, an no I am not exagerating...I have seen it

I understand if there are 5 threads on 3 point safeties. But certain topics in the realm of potential rule changes can be deep enough to deserve their own thread. If you talk about the play clock and get 20 replies, then a play clock discussion doesn't deserve to get lost in a master 'rule change' thread.

Other than that, agreed, there shouldn't be 5 threads on the same topic.

Actually the 10,000 topic milestone is understated since there have been a few incarnations of this forum since '97.

...amazing, 10,000 topics and only a third of them were started by Kanga-Kucha...

Berezin99-aka Chicken Little has started at least 25% of the 10 000 threads on the imminent demise the of the CFL...

:lol: I thought about making a crack at his expense last night, but I figured he'd just complain...

The other third are expansion and rule changes :roll: :roll: as Chief and RO pointed out!

And video could you forget video games

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

So given rule changes, chicken-little-talk, expansion, new stadiums and video games are not valid talking points, are we're limited to speculating on player/personnel movements, e-camp prospects and share our drunk Grey Cup stories during the off-season?

What are valid talking points for the CFL forum and who amongst us decides what does and doesn't get ridiculed and discouraged?

You are again missing the one cares if there is a thread about expansion.....we just dont need 3 or 4 threads about it on the same page. And I kid you not when I say there have been over a hundred of them
This is how expansion threads work out.....

Thread one
We need a team in QC
No it should be Moncton
Maybe we should go back to the states

Thread 2
How about expanding to the states again
No Moncton should be first.
I think its Quebec city/
It failed already in the States

Thread three
When is Moncton going to get a team.
I thing we should go back to the states first
No Quebec city deserves one before anyone else

There are no new major cities in Canada. Every one has been mentioned so what is the point?

Its the same with video games and rule changes
The same arguments have been given for and against every rule change possible
The same arguments have been given as to why there is no/should be a video game.

But again.....
Its the mutliple threads on the same page

Yes I agree with you on this point.

However I don't see people in this thread other than you saying, "Gee I wish there weren't 4 threads on the same topic on the same page. No, I read that any of these topics have just been discussed to death and there's no point in discussing them anymore. We all know there's no additional markets other than Ottawa that can support the CFL, the rules are perfect and nothing's going to change about the league's image in the media so there's no point in talking about it anymore. That's the impression I and I'm sure others get.

Well this forum is for more than just those who have 5000+ posts and have seen it all. Some people would like to start from scratch. Maybe its a better discussion amongst current users than to look for that video game thread from 2005 to say "Ah ha! That's why no one wants to talk about it anymore."

Frankly, it would bode well for the league if there were constantly new users on here asking the same old questions but nope, there's an old-boy's club on here.

With 700 posts, I just might start to be part of it.

Your point?

You asked!
I answered

3 other people made multiple threads jokes here, do you want them to explain it as well?

You can throw me in with that bunch. If you're too damn lazy to do a quick once-over for the first page, then nuts to you.

you think you know it all. But don't worry. you don't know squat.
This is a mickey mouse board run by mickey mouse people like yourslef and the guy calling himself chief.
i hope you people are in no way associated with the cfl.
if you are, this league is more bush then i thought.
censoring people's posts because you haven't got the intelligence to undrstand them.
what an effin joke.

You never disappoint, berezin. :lol:

l love how he calls us mickey mouse, yet he's the one who comes on here and cries everytime someone in a Toronto paper says a bad word about the CFL... :lol: Get some thicker skin.

you know there is so much going on in southern ontario that concerns the cfl that you just do not understand that its a waste of my time to try and post on this board. what gets me is why you feel you gotta stick your nose in everybody's business? you aren't interested, move on. i don't care what you post, becuase nothing you post interests me. i hope you're in no way associated with the cfl, because it sure makes the cfl look bad. and if you aren;t the people running this board should kick you and that other guy out for turning this thing into a bloody joke.