labour day stats??

Since 1939 these two teams have collided 48 times on Labour Day weekend. The Roughriders carry a slight edge, winning 20 of those contests.

48-20=28 are they implying that there were at least 9 ties?? i find that hard to believe.

ya i read that too. Not sure what the real stats are. but these seem to be scewed.

what about all the other LDC games?....

RoughRiders have a edge over winnipeg, with what record???

calgary vs edmonton.....whats that LDC series record???

toronto vs hamilton????

montreal vs ottawa????

did some research- i think sask 22-16 over wpg since '50 will keep looking

edm over cgy 27-16-1

where r u finding this stuff???

ham over tor 26-8-1 is it really that bad?
mon bc ott to confusing

did a few google searches so i cannot verify the accuracy. took the ones that looked accurate.

actually if you want some ott mon bc results look at ... assics.htm
it is broken down by rens and rr years

No, it's really that good! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: