issue (again)

This is a great site.

However, there are two glaring issues that havent been really addressed.

  1. Stats - yes, I know, admins have been saying that they are working on it, but come on, its almost half way through the season.....this was promised to us when the new site originally came out (April 1)

  2. Rogers player of the ______ - In the players of the week/month section on the home page is NEVER updated. The points were from about week 4 i believe....players of the week from week 3 and players of the month have yet to be determined according to this.

Please, can I get any news about these issues and when will they be resolved??

Thank you in advance

still no response?

for stats....go to the before-the-game news report, at the bottom it has links to stats for game-by-game and season totals, i tend to use those instead of the actual stats section.

as for the PotW....they cant post them til the CFL announces them, takes them awhile to do it, alot of people complain about it, including me...really how long does it take them to figure it out?