has Video of the Cats' First Stripes

If you like retro, check this out.

Can't seem to copy a direct link for you, but there's a bit of video of the Tiger-Cats first ever
striped uniforms, which I believe is from 1955 or '56 on

1 Click on "Als Great Etcheverry Remembered"
2) Half way down the page, under "Retro Profile - Sam Etcheverry," click on "Watch Video Now"
3) Pause the video it at the 28 sec. mark for good look

In the 1950's the name of our Tiger Cat mascot was T.C.

T.C. may still have been still wearing that same costume
until he/her was gradually phased out a year or so ago.

If so, no wonder that cotume stunk so much.

here is the link to the page
with a tribute to Sam Etcheverry

[url=] ... remembered[/url]

Then, click on watch video now and
freeze frame the video at the 28 sec. mark

I didn't see a mascot in that 29 second frame, ballboy.

Maybe that was the original Pigskin Pete in his fur coat
sitting on the 40 yard sandwich board marker though.

There was no TC in the 50's. (or the 60's or 70's for that matter)