All I ever see on Gamecast is a black screen. Am I doing it wrong, or is this also blacked out because I don't have cable, same as VOD?

It is (sort of) working when I just looked at it. The only problem - this is what it was showing when there was 13:41 left in the second quarter and the score is 20 - 0 in the game on TV.

Yup it was still showing the score as 14 - 0 with 1:29 left in the 1st quarter. About 5 minutes or more behind in real time.

Gamecast is decent right now, but on their play by play chart they missed a few plays last night, and sometimes the stats wouldn't load which I assume just meant they were updating them or something. It seemed to get better as the game went on oddly enough, had pretty quick stat updates in the second half. They could do a lot to improve it, but its ahead of where they were a few years ago with their Gamecast system which I thought was brutal.

This thing hasn't worked properly from the first day and third season into this product its still shiat !

CFL ! Get ride of that thing and go back to the text style that allowed us to have all the information on time in one tab.

How can you have a product not work for years and stick with it ???

So it’s not just me.

I agree, let’s go back to the text updates.

Yes and Crackberries/Blackberries were fine back in the day for simple messaging too for that matter. On that count I am going to miss my phone with a slide-out keyboard after I deactivate next month. :frowning:

/Get off my lawn'd

Ask the Bombers ! :lol:

Or Leaf fans, right Dan?

I have to say, often the best way to follow a game on if you don't have TV is the game thread on the Ticats' forum. Those guys are amazing.

BTW this is a merged thread. I didn't think up that title.

I was wondering, cause it sure don't sound like you Ploen... Ya, I'm a Leaf fan too..... And for the life of me I thought they had TV in PEI. :lol:

Which is why BlackBerry stopped making Legacy BlackBerry's and moved on from BlackBerry OS to BlackBerry 10 which is probably the best Mobile OS on the market today.

4 minutes behind on game score update on main page

they need to hire better people. damn i'll do it for low pay and free tickets/merchandise.

make that 6 minutes and counting

so they take 6:17 to update 2 scores, then update less than a minute again with no score change.

how hard can it be to just immediately update after each change of score and each quarter. sheeesh

I'm thinking Old School; Well it's old Uncle Joe and he's working kinda slow at the Junction.

well then, he is not doing so bad for a guy dead for about 39 yrs.

They should try to find someone whose brain is not dead

I think they have Jake Ireland doing the updates, he’s still trying to figure out how to turn the computer on.

ummm, dear anonymous mod, it doesn’t matter, but just to be picky, my topic and comment had nothing to do with gamecast and should not be part of this thread. just sayin.