Game Notes: Betts looking to set new record

TORONTO — There are three games on schedule in Week 20 and all of them have playoff implications.

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I don’t get that. Anyone?

I suggest - RedandWhite is a Super Moderator who follows the Calgary Stampeders. Ha ha

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I really, really don’t want to think the CFL writers think Betts plays for Calgary.

Well then, back to square one - I don’t get that. Anyone?

Maybe Red and White as in Canadian?

Canadian Sack King?


Ah, thank you. We’ll go with that👍


I think a canadian sacking is when the guy apologizes afterwards.


That’s exactly it. It would establish the record for a National. He’d have go go some to get the season record for sacks. James Parker had 26.5. Which begs the question - why did they go away from the 0.5 sacks? I’ve seen times this season when 2 got to the QB at the same time & only 1 gets credit.

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I got red&white=Calgary in my head, BTGP was right. As for the sacks the NFL still issues .5 sacks, no idea why the CFL dropped the idea. Sometimes they must have difficulty determining who got there first.

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…could be a problem with BC’s D-Line this year.

Talk about Betts, makes me again realize what idiots we had in Edmonton in 2019, because well Elks draft picks -
1 Mathieu Betts

You guys let a keeper go for sure & we thank you. Of course hindsight is always 20/20, it was probably hard to predict he would become so dominant.